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    Can we use solar panel inverter without battery?

    Have a query about a solar panel inverter? wondering if it can be used without battery? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I know that we can use a solar grid tie inverter with battery backup. As battery maintenance cost is more and battery needs frequent replacements, I want to use solar power without battery backup. I want to use the solar power during daytime and grid power during night time. If any excess power is generated during day time it should be transferred to the utility grid with net metering system.
    Is it possible to have a battery less solar inverter system?
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  • The rooftop solar powered electricity generator is nowadays available in two designs. One is with batteries and other is battery less.

    Normally people go for battery type because whenever main electricity line goes it takes over.

    The battery-less mode is disadvantageous in the sense that when the main line goes, it is also silent.

    Now if one is not bothered for outages, the battery-less option is all right.

    If one chooses battery less option then he gets a benefit of enhanced subsidy, low cost of the battery-less system, adjustment of electricity generated from his unit from the electricity bill etc.

    Seeing the various financial benefits people are switching to battery-less mode.

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  • I think this will happen some day as technologies are going more and more advanced day by day, so nothing is impossible in this scientific world day. The scientists are working on all these issues constantly. Researchers are on their way, so we will see battery less solar inverter soon. Currently, we have some issues for its implementation but soon they will be resolved.

  • There are solar power generators where from you can directly use current. It is on line supply. There are other types generators are also there where we can use batteries. Always better to have batteries. Batteries will get charged with solar power generators and that can be used when a power failure happens. It is better to use battery version, so that you can use as and when your current goes. This advantage is not there in few battery models.

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  • Some electricity boards have now started to buy power from the domestic or private generators of electricity using solar power generation. The method is supply current to the grid when the solar generation is more and draw current from the electricity supply grid during nights. The electricity company pays or recovers the amount for net difference of power in the buy-sell deal.
    However this may not be possible everywhere. As of now if the supply -to-grid facility is not available the best way for optimum use of solar power generation is to store the generated excess power in battery.

  • Solar panel inverter comes in with - backup battery and without backup battery. And the thing with such design is that those panel with battery, are going to be helpful where there are light issues. Most of the regions where there is a lot of solar energy available, those people may benefit from battery backup as well. Usually the energy collected during the day time is used to use later with the help of inverter battery. Only the rooftop water heaters with solar panels are designed to be used without battery backup. If you are buying it for the purpose to backing up the home with electricity, you can see that it can be really good option to go with panel with battery backup.

  • Yes it's possible, nowadays technology is change day by day and every times we found something new in every newly launched models. Most of solar inverter is comes with inbuilt battery facility. The time is not faraway when we get current directly from inverters.

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