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    Is it good to take bath after exercise?

    Have a query about exercising? Looking out for reasons to take a bath after gymming? On this page, you can check out suggestions from experts and resolve your doubts.

    Many people after workout in gym don't take bath but instead wipe out the sweat using paper. After heavy workout and losing at least 500 Calories through sweating we feel like having a bath. Cold or hot bath does not matter but we get fresh and go home. But after bath you will feel that your muscles are not tight as they were during workout. So question is what is purpose to have bath after workout? If we don't take bath then what are advantages and disadvantages?
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  • A lot depends on the body type. Some can adjust with immediate bath. And some may have health issues. For example, after doing the workout, if we can do the bath with the cold water, This may affect the body temperature and may lead to health issues. In the case of bathing with hot water, may also lead to temperature changes and body may not feel good enough if this is done on daily basis. So not everybody can adjust with it. Most of the sports people manage to take bath after a workout. And for them, this may work out. But for those who are not into daily active sports, they may face changes in body temperature and this may not suit them for sure. I guess you have to try it out and see if that suits your body type. Because generic advice by a doctor may not apply either. Only you know how your body reacts to this.

  • Well, sweat encourages bacteria and other microorganisms to attack your skin and you wouldn't want that right?
    The shower usually loosens your muscles i.e.; it relaxes them. So that's no big deal. You can't remove away the sweat entirely by wiping either. So bathing is a good way to get rid of both bacteria and your tight muscles.
    If muscles aren't eased immediately, you need to face many serious problems in the future. So always bath after a workout.

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  • Normally after any workout, it is better to relax for some time before a change of activity like taking a bath. The basic reason behind is to give time to the body to cope up from one situation to another.

    Those who are familiar with our heritage method of exercise that is yoga and pranayama may appreciate the fact that after a session of yoga one has to undertake shavasan (a position where one has to lay down idly for some time) to relax and prepare the body for next activity.

    So in all types of workouts, it is a practice to relax or wait for some time to give the body to be ready to acclimatise with next action.

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  • After exercise, your body will have a normal temperature and because of sweat whole body will become a little oily and sticky. So it is advisable to take a bath after the exercise, but not immediately. After completing your exercise, relax for some time and go for a bath. I prefer ordinary water for a bath. But some may prefer hot water. As far as I know, it is not going to make any difference.

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  • Yes, it is a good habit to have a nice bath after having full work out. Please note during physical exercise of exertion there would be more sweating coming out our body and that odour is unbearable to the person itself and that is unhygienic too. Moreover after having exercise, if you have the bath, you feel like having renewed the energy for the day and thus look more cheerful and no fatigue reported. Normal people should also have two times bath in the morning and in the evening and that shall also ensure good sleep in the night as we would be free from dust and sweating.

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  • To find an answer to this, we need to understand what happens to our body when we exercise? Fitness experts advise to warm up before you start exercising to prevent muscle damage before strenuous activities (like weight lifting). Once you start exercising, your heart rate and BP increase, temperature rises and you begin to sweat and once you stop exercising all these come back to normal, this process is called homeostasis. By exercising, you are burning calories, improving circulation, losing water and electrolytes. Now comes the question of bathing after exercise, I feel it depends on several factors like the type of exercise - strenuous or non-strenuous, duration of exercise, season, the actual condition of your body, where are you exercising - gym or park. Warm water bath leads to vasodilation (opening/widening of blood vessels) which increases blood circulation and therefore releases all the lactic acid and toxins into the blood, this is advisable if you are doing a cardio (walking, jogging, cycling) just to improve circulation and burn calories. A cold water bath is advisable when you are doing strenuous activities (lifting weights, football, marathons, kickboxing) as the muscle undergo stress and once you stop exercising, the repair of the muscles begin. Therefore, cold water bath will help counter the inflammation of muscles caused by strenuous exercise.

  • As there are so much of sweating during the time of exercise in your body you must take a bath after exercise. Otherwise the sweat can generate bacteria in your body and can cause body odor. It is not a good habit at all.
    So, after exercising take some time to rest say at least 15 minutes so that your body temperature goes normal or near to normal. Then you take a shower to wash the sweat from your body.
    If you take bath immediately after exercise it may cause health issues. As your body temperature is high due to lots of calorie burning at the time of exercise it may not adjust with the temperature of the water. So, take some rest and if possible try to take shower in Luke warm water.

  • Exercise and work out makes the body work and generate heat or burn calories. That helps blood circulation faster and body's heat control mechanism causes the person sweat profusely depending on the heat produced. After stopping the exercise one has to simply wipe out the sweat by a dry cloth and allow body to gradually cool to its normal temperature. By taking normal rest and relaxing the body which was stressing out will slowly come back to its normal state. We can understand this by sweating becoming less and less, the breathing and pulse which was actually 'racing' earlier settles back to its normal level at rest status.

    When the body heat , pulse rate and breathing becomes normal to that of rest level we can take bath in lukewarm or comfortably warm water. If the weather is hot, then can take bath in ordinary cold water.
    A working automobile engine gets heated and the radiator helps to maintain the heat. However when the engine is shut off, the radiator function stops and the engine still retains its heat. One does not pour water on it The best way is to open the engine cover and allow it to cool by air. A sudden cooling by pouring cold water can cool the engine, but the thermal strain caused can even make the engine walls crack.
    Similarly an overheated body also should not be subjected to thermal strain by taking bath in cold water immediately after exercising.

  • After doing exercises one's body will have sweat over the whole body and will become a little oily and sticky. So it is not advisable to take a bath after the exercise up to 30-45 minutes. Let the body cool down then only take bath. Bathing will provide cleanliness and refresh to the body. salts, bacteria and oil will be removed from body.

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  • Yes, you need to take bath. you cant completely wipe out the sweat and it can lead to germ build up and cause many health problems. So you have to take a bath after workout. It makes you feel fresh and relaxes your muscles. Your muscles too need to get relaxed

  • Bathing is a wise option after you perform an exercise lasting for beyond twenty minutes. Continuous movements of the body - parts lead to formation of excess sweating, a rise in body - temperature and the the sweat is laden with Bacterias which will cause body - odour ultimately.
    Bathing will help in the relaxation of muscles remaining in the strained stage but it would be wise to allow the body to regain the normal temperature of the surroundings and then engage in the bathing. Avoiding the temperature - fluctuation would minimise the chances of falling prey to cough, cold and fever because of temperature- variance.

  • Its a very good query. Generally when we do heavy work out or exercise our body will not be in normal temperature. Thus sweating while doing exercise or workout is very essential and health sign. But after exercise or workout we have to give a gap of half hour with normal work to our body or relax for half an hour. By doing so we regain our body temperature and then we can have bath with Luke warm water. By having bath after workout we feel fresh and as well the sweat in our body will be wash off and the pores in the skin will start breathing fresh, which is very good for our skin texture. Usually when we sweat we wash our face to have a freshness feel. Similarly after workout you must have bath. But not immediately have a gap of half an hour for your body to relax.

  • It is not advisable to take bath just after work out because of the temperature difference with the environment. During workout our body temperature rises and our muscles are stretched and stressed. Increasing of internal temperature causes water to come out of body in the form of sweat.
    During workout our body does not get proper oxygen to burn the calories to provide us enough energy, the deficiency of oxygen is managed through water as it also contains a good amount of oxygen.
    Taking a bath just after bath can cause fever or cough. So, it is advised to take rest for a while until our body gets fully relaxed and after that we can take a bath with mild water.

  • No, it is not advisable to take bath just after exercise. As while exercising our body temperature increases so on has to wait for about half an hour to relax one's body. After that a person can have bath.

  • It is generally accepted that bath can be taken only after the sweat on the body is dried. Generally after any hard work including bodily exercises body get sweat. If one wait for half an hour the sweat will subside and can take bath. In Ayurveda this point is stressed always. An Ayurveda doctor will never advise to take bath or wash the body before the sweat is gone.


  • It is always better to take bath after exercise as you sweat too much. If you do not take a bath, the sweat and dust will settle down in your body. But do take bath immediately after exercise; sit for some time and relax, say for half an hour and then take a shower.

    Advantages of taking bath after exercise:
    1. As a matter of hygiene and to avoid body odor.
    2. Ice bath helps from aching muscles.
    3. You feel refreshed after a cold shower.
    4. For proper blood flow hot shower is always good.

    Disadvantages of taking bath after exercise:
    1. Do not bath immediately after workout, settle down for half an hour so that you give time for the increased heat beat to come down. Immediate showers can cause harm.
    2. Try not to take shower in too cold or too hot water, try medium water to be on the safer side.

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  • yes, Bathing after full workouts makes you to feel fresh and if you bath with hot water it gives you relief from pain and also you can get good sleep during nights.

    It also helps to over come the bad smell coming from your sweat. It makes you to feel good and confident and it makes you to feel elegant.

    your mind can have more power and feels new to think. After doing workout, everyone feels pain in their joints and some may get tired. The bathing with hot water get you overcome this effects.

    If you bath with some fragrance in hot water after workouts, you will get good sleep. you can improve your beauty also.

    Your body feels cool, by bathing after workouts. I also do bathing after workouts and i feel very good and active.

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    0:00-7:00 MINUTES: STRETCH
    The important thing to do following exercise is stretch when you are warm. You should stretch before the muscles cool down. At least five minutes of stretching followed by rolling on foam roll is good.
    7:00 TO 25:00 MINUTES: BATH
    If you can't shower, soak a towel with water and sponge your body and let it dry to avoid bacterial and fungal infections of skin. This also prevents pimples problem.
    Bath with cold water is usually done by athletes as they have long training sessions. Cool water decreases soreness which they usually have after long training sessions.
    High temperature hot water is not recommended as body again tries to cool off by sweating.
    Bathing with water that is a little high to human body temperature would be wise.
    The last important thing is to eat a healthy snack after exercise. It helps in recovery and reduces muscle soreness. Fruits or milk would be a good choice.

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