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    How to be a certified ethical hacker

    Are you aspiring to become a certified ethical hacker? Learn about the requisite certification and whether this is sufficient to get a good job.

    Please tell me something about how to be a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). I am so much confused about whether if I am an ethical hacker and I get the proper certification, then only will I get a job as a hacker? Please give me some information about this.
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  • Sukanya,

    There are institutes that conduct courses in ethical hacking. Some basic qualification is required for every job, and the same holds true for ethical hackers as well. I have provided details in a resource on ethical hacking, you will find answers to what you need in it. Here is the link - How to become a professional ethical hacker

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  • There are courses from NIIT, Jetking and Arena for ethical hacking. They are focusing on the common security issues. And most of the security audits related jobs. So think of it as more of precautionary nature of the work. You may need basic level of computer education. As that is required for making you understand how to do some things before going for ethical hacking level courses. Another thing companies such as CISCO, D-link, Symantec hire people for the security related work. I suggest finding the institute nearby you, check their syllabus with others online.

  • There is a course for the certified ethical hacker called CEH. Do that course from the certified institutes like NIIT and if you go for online courses there is a site called the AC council.
    If you know very well in hacking field friends there is no need to be getting certified. If we show the that we know hacking very well then it is sufficient to get a job in the hacking field.
    If you really want to do a job in the hacking field it is very good to get the certification and if a company can have certified ethical hacker then you will be selected for that job.
    If you are very much eager to learn a hacking then you should have an option like online there are a number of videos available on the internet. By referring them you can also learn a hacking very well.
    Ethical Hacking is a highly paid job. There are different types in hacking like white hat jacket, grey hat hacker, and a black hat hacker. It good to be a white hat hacker. Learn to hack and enjoy.

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  • There are some institutes like NIIT offering certificate course in ethical hacking. On line many Institutes are offering certificate courses. You can search on internet for details like duration of the course,eligibility criteria and fees details.

    Chances of getting with a good pay are also good. So you can give an attempt for this field.

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