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    Is there natural way to keep body scented?

    Have a query about removing body odour? Searching for details of how to keep the body scented? On this Ask Expert page check out responses from experts.

    There are thousands of perfumes in market. We daily use perfume to keep body scented and odorless. But we all know it has some or more amount of chemicals. Though it does not harm much to body there is pressure of spending lot on it. Considering that Is there natural way to keep body scented whole day? I can think of having bath with flowers in water but that could cause bad reaction too if flower particles have bacteria.
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  • Human body like any other animal also has a body odour. However the person does not usually feels or aware of own body odour. However when the body odour of another person is strong, then it is felt by the persons who stand close by.
    The offensive body odour is actually due to many bacteria working and other body secretions.

    Offensive odour is also caused by many infections and diseases inside and outside the human body. Unpleasant body odour is emitted due to the food we eat also. The body eliminate waste matters from the food we take and also the by products generated by various chemicals and medicine we consume. Excess medicines are also eliminated. This eliminations through sweat, urine, faeces, oral spit, nasal secretions etc. Many of them can have bad odour o some offensive odours. The foods like onion family items, etc. also cause b unpleasant odour.

    We apply body scents and sprays to 'mask' the body odour. They do not prevent the bad odour. Once the scent wears out, the body odour comes out more offensively .

    How to reduce or avoid unpleasant body odour?

    1. Take bath daily at least one time. During summer and after tedious work and travel, it is suggested to take extra bath also.

    2. Add a few drops of lemon juice, Eucalyptus oil in the water used for bathing.

    3. Use good soaps which will have some pleasant odour ingredients ad which do not affect the skin. There are many soaps now available which have natural scent ingredients. The mixture can be wetted with Rose water

    4. Women can use a mixture of green gram flour / Bengal gram flour , turmeric powder, sandal powder as alternative to soap. The mixture may be wetted with Rose water.It is preferable if the ingredients are home made.

    5. Apply Sandal paste on the body after bathing and drying body well.

    6.Avoid or reduce intake of onion family food items like onions, garlic etc.

    7. Diseases like Diabetes cause offensive body odour. Even a small fever also can cause body odour.

    8.Consult doctor and eliminate factors o any underlying health issue.

    9.Discuss with doctor about the medicines being taken. If there is any doubt that they are causing bad odour, then report the matter and get any possible alternatives.

    10.Use dresses and clothes that 'ventilate'. Wear clothes that are suitable to the season.

    11.Do not allow pets to rub on your body. Pets will have their stenches.

    12. From experience avoid those foods that can cause some unpleasant body odour.

    Keep general normal health with proper hygiene, proper food and proper sleep.

  • Scents and few deodorant can damage your skin very badly. Perfumes made by crushed flowers and seeds were used earlier to mask the odor. Nowadays it's the aromatic hydrocarbons doing the job.
    If you don't trust your deo, switch to sandal wood or 'athar' from middle-east.
    Athar is very strong and lasts long. They are flower extracts. So are purely natural.
    There are so many natural substitutes.
    You can use musk too.
    But here's a tip: it's best to reduce odor than to mask it. Body odor relies largely on your diet. Eat healthy, smell good.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • In order to eliminate the bad odour emanating from our body, we can do a little home - exercise to arrest the foul odour. We may try the following points-
    1) Shave the hair of Arm- pit- Excess sweating results in formation of bacteria and the the Bacterias remain entrapped with the hairs lying in the arm pit and hence Shaving at least thrice a week would eliminate the chances of bad - odour.
    2) Take bath regularly - Taking bath regularly using an antibacterial - shop would help us in maintaining odour - free body. Ensure that the soap used for bathing is marked as antibacterial.
    3) Application of Apple - cider Vinegar in the tub containing water - Apple - cider vinegar makes the water acidic thus making the Bacterias impossible to survive in such medium. Hence regular usage of the Vinegar would arrest the bad odour.
    4) Besan and Curd should be mixed with equal proportion and prior to twenty minutes of the bath, this mixture should be applied to kill the Bacterias present in the body. Bacteria would not survive due to acidic nature of the Curd.
    5) Addition of half cut Lemon - juice in the water meant for the bath can arrest the fall order of the body.
    6) Care has to taken in our food so that any pungent food - items such as Onion, Garlic, Chikens etc are avoided.
    7) Plenty of water intake would arrest the foul order of the body because of regular expulsions of toxins. Intake of Lemon - water, Grapes does dilute the foul - odour.
    8) Dresses used for wearing should be such that there should be regular evaporation of sweating to arrest the foul odour.
    9) Maintain a regular check - up your health with the consultation of the Doctor. Some disease like Diabetes and Kidney may aggravate the body - order.

  • Nothing can match the sandalwood paste which is not only natural but also lost long with fragrance and the smell will be acceptable to self and even others interacting with you. Sandalwood paste prepared from the original sandal bars would be highly recommended. The more you rub the sandal bar on the rough surface, the more paste you get out of that and that should be stored in a box or vessel for future use. The sandalwood powders available in the market are of inferior quality and cannot be trusted for quality. Paste taken out manually from the sandalwood bars are of good quality and that should be applied on person and the body odor is out for the whole day.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • The best and simple ways are:-

    (i) Take bath twice with a Neem-based soap (for example: Margo). Clean the armpit an other jonts regularly.
    (ii) Put lemon oil in the water before taking bath. Rinse the body with peels of lemon.
    (iii) Maintain general hygiene.
    (iv) Don't take spicy food. Avoid salt an salty food-items as far as possible.
    (v) Drink water as much as possible.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • Human Body will have a normal odor like any other living species. But it is not very strong and we will not feel it. It may vary from person to person. To keep the natural odor of the body we need not use any perfumes and deodorants. But we have to keep our body neat and clean. Wear washed clothes. Change the shoe socks everyday.

    Take bath with cold water two times a day. When you take bath, please ensure all joints are cleaned properly. Generally in these joints lot of dust accumulates. It will get mixed with sweat and gives lot of foul smell. So one should give more importance to these joints cleaning.

    Then your body will not have any foul smell. Original smell of your body persist.

    always confident

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