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    Trustworthiness and transparency of CBI and CVC

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    Is the Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) and Central Vigilance Commission(CVC) trustworthy in its maintenance of confidentiality of the Complainants and transparency?
    If so, why corruption continues to thrive in all states of India and why these aforesaid agencies do not punish each and every corrupt person?
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  • Without complaint no one can take action as everyone has liability of job. That's the reason you get protection if you attempt to expose someone's corruption. Another thing is Central government control all agencies and again you will be driving with risk of job. Sometimes there is mole in agencies itself which makes case weak. So in order to become transparent you have sacrifice your job or position.

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  • If we use reductionism in everything, there is not a single thing we can trust. In case of CBI and CVC same thing applies. We can't blindly trust. But we can establish process through which we can make sure that they are responsible for their own action.

    The thing is central government controls these agencies. And with each new party in power, they are only going to bring out corruption in another party. This way they are going to make it harder for normal citizens to find out which is genuine case. Most of such agencies are tied up in many small ways. Politicians in India are too strong and often hurt the most honest person. This is one reason transparency is impossible and corruption is rampant.

  • CBI is considered an efficient and trustworthy, impartial agency even today. That is why in every state there will be a clamour for CBI enquiry on some sensational cases where the culprit is not caught.
    Similarly CVC also is trusted by people.
    However all these are as effective and trustworthy as the people who work in these.There are some checks and filters to post the personnel in these. However in the present day we cannot hundred percent guarantee a totally independent CBI, or any similar authority. This happens especially when one of the parties is having a political connection or himself /herself a political VVIP.
    There are some excellent officers in CBI and Vigilance. However not all times they are free and independent as they are supposed to be. They get direct and mostly indirect pressures and signals from the ruling party in state or centre.
    But with all these limitations CBI and CVC are doing some good job.

  • Hi,
    CBI and CVC both are trustworthy and very much effective as they have very efficient staffs in their department. They have successfully resolved many cases and send the criminals behind the bar. CVC also do the same by arresting the corrupted officers and staffs in many department in this country.
    As both of these organisations are controlled by central govt., so you can hear complaints from other political parties who are in the opposite side of ruling party, as the the ruling party is taking revenge on them through CBI and CVC. So, it is up to you that you are believing on their words or not. So, you can say that they are not independent organisation.

  • CBI is the premier investigative agency of India with a dual responsibility to investigate grievous cases and provide leadership and direction in fighting corruption across the country. From 1965 onwards, CBI has also been entrusted with the investigation of economic offences and important conventional crimes such as murders, kidnapping, terrorist crimes, etc., on a selective basis. CBI derives its power from The Delhi Special Police Establishment Act.

    On the other hand, CVC was set up by the Government of India in February,1964 on the recommendations of the Committee on Prevention of Corruption headed by Shri K. Santhanam. It is the apex vigilance institution of the country, free of control from any executive authority. It is a statutory body.

    Although sometimes doubts have been expressed (by some political leaders) reegarding the impartiality of these two prestigious institutions of the country, the professional competence of the officers and staff working in CBI and CVC is beyond any doubt.

    The phenomenon of corruption is a social evil mainly prevalent in developing and underdeveloped countries with limited resources and opportunities. There is no relationship between corruption in the country and competence of CBI/CVC.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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