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    Necessity of permanent address

    Wondering about the need for a permanent address? Looking out for the reasons online? You can read answers on this page and resolve yuor doubt.

    This is 21st century with fast changing lifestyles.
    Most of the busy people stay in hotels, rentals or constantly move from one place to another.
    Do you think furnishing present address should be made enough rather than asking for permanent address?
    Which section of the law mandates writing permanent address?
    Can the government allow doing away with permanent address?
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  • People will have a birth place and father's address. Till you settle down in a permanent place your father's address will be your permanent address. Once you settle in you career, you have your family, you will have a own house that will be your permanent address.

    Actually it will be difficult to give the permanent address, if our parents are also moving many times. There is no law regarding this. But they will ask in the applications and we have to write. May be present address can be given as permanent address.

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  • I think many freelancers who work on moving jobs, people in sales and executives and business people suffer from permanent address issue. In such case they solve this issue by using POBOX and office address. I know many who are using these options for their important documents and bills. Many people who are settled with family and kids too travel every year and they make use of such options for their benefit. It is possible that in todays world people will have multiple homes and they move from one place to another. But still in such case they have to find permanent address for many things.

  • Permanent address proof is for verification purpose only. It is not mandate. But any country you go will be asked to show proof resident either utility bills or bank statements. Usually even private banks also ask the address proof. If you travel outside then your passport address will be considered point of contact that makes your permanent address important in case of emergency.
    In order to control these things The Unique Identification Authority of India came into picture which is why Aadhaar Cards are becoming mandatory. What needs to be done is to allow private utility bills as address proof when you relocate to new place. Which most government offices don't accept but need to change that soon.

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  • People move from one place to another on various purposes. Their stay at one place may not be finite. Hence others need a stable address to which they can send communications.
    When some legal necessities arise, the proof of having send communication is needed. At that time if there is proof that communication is sent to the permanent address as given by the person, then that is legally admissible.
    Otherwise the addressee can plead as having not received such a communication.
    Nowadays they specify communication address specifically.
    Permanent address is also needed for background and character checking on some matters. It is needed to verify the antecedents of the person. In this regard it is asked to furnish all the addresses where the person has stayed for a particular period or during a particular period, if the adders furnished is not a permanent address where he has stayed for long period till the threshold date.
    In modern days .many times it is not practical to give a permanent address, as we stay in employer given accommodations and go on transfer periodially, and not having a permanent residence till.

  • Traditionally permanent address is a important column in all sorts of application. Earlier this was required for communication purposes so that even if the present address changes we can send some vital papers or documents to permanent address.

    For certain official formalities also this was a useful thing in past. In today's context email and SMS have replaced that utility. Still the practice of asking permanent address is going on.

    Those who due to their job type requiring frequent changes in address may face difficulty in filling this column but for all practical purposes they can time being give either parental place or some c/o address at the parental place. In case both are not possible simply repeat your present address as permanent address.

    Please remember permanent address is not your need rather it is needed by people or offices who want to find you when you have changed your present address.

    So immediately after a change in your present address inform all the concerned the new address so that communication is not blocked.

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  • Many of us living in a life of separation in the name of privacy. Earlier we lived with our parents, so we had a permanent address but now our parents are living with their sons in a scattered manner so they are also not having any permanent address unless otherwise they have their OWN house. But as in many of us are in a position of shifting our residence frequently due to necessity etc., we are in a position to change our address. For that correction also made easy now to do the same in online. But we should do immediately without any hesitation or lazy.

  • Please try to understand that we are required to indicate permanent adress for our own convenience. You yourself have stated: "Most of the busy people stay in hotels, rentals or constantly move from one place to another." Now contemplate a situation when you are constantly on the move from one place to another and there is no address for communication. There is a lucrative offer of appointment for you. Then where to deliver this offer of appointment? All the terms & conditions can't be conveyed over telephone and you have to physically sign the contract. How can you do this? Moreover, Government agencies in India don't believe in unsigned letter sent through e-mail. There comes the necessity of permanent address. The all-important letter will be delivered to your permanent address for your perusal and, wherever applicable, for your signature.

    I hope I have clearly explained the necessity.

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  • Actually permanent address of a person is basically the proof that the person is the citizen of that country by birth. Moreover it is needed because the bills, bank letters and other important government official letters have to deliver on a correct address and on the hand of a right person. suppose you are moving from one place to another frequently and a very important document of yourself remain undelivered due to change of address. Then it is automatically redirected to the sender. If you have a permanent address then it is delivered to your parents (As permanent address is your parents home until you settle down in your life in a single house)and you got it easily.

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