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    How to write a simple application on the spot for any job?

    I came across a funny application made by a cook seeking job in a Hostel and the way he wrote evoked more fun but surely no job :

    " I have the honor to speak that I am a cooker. I am Alu and Dall good cooking tastily. If you appoint me I will cook you and your family too. I was cooking very earlier in a school hostel in my locality. I cook them all the boys, girls and hostel warden.

    Sir I am the very good cooker all the way. Please appoint me as cooker.

    Well though there were lots of mistakes in this application, the reading made fun. Can you help the candidate to write a nice application for Cooking job ?
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  • In the above quoted application,the applicant has presented his experience in cooking. Literally, his language is Butler's English. It is only the work experience that is counted in such cases and not the communication skills.
    An application can also have the personal details of the applicant so that the selection will be easier as the employer can evaluate and filter the most suitable candidate o can have a shortlist for further evaluation and selection.

    The above application should have
    1. Name and address or communication telephone number .
    2.Gender and Age of the applicant
    3.It should say whether it is in response to some advertisement or from a personal recommendation.
    4. It should say where the applicant worked for last some period.
    5.It should say what all types of cooking applicant can do.
    6.Should specify salary and benefits expected , if negotiable and also mention what was the last drawn salary from his job.
    7.It can mention when the applicant can join if selected and whether the applicant can stay with the employer full time or work only on a schedule.

  • It is not possible to give complete biodata by the candidate in an on the spot application for a job. What the candidate has to do is give basic information regarding his personal information, qualifications and experience. This applies to all sorts of the job including the cook as mentioned in the query.

    Personal information means name, age, sex, date of birth and address.

    Whatever is the highest qualification or diploma same is to be given. For example if the cook was a class XI dropout, he should mention as 'X pass' as his educational qualification.

    Experience is where one can elaborate a little more by giving bulleted or linewise experiences in the past. For example the cook can indicate like-
    4 years cooking in vegetarian hotel.
    2 years in a college canteen.
    5 years in house of a Punjabi family.
    ... and so on.

    For on the spot application this is more than sufficient.

    If required the employer will find out more by taking interview of shortlisted candidates.

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  • Though the application contained a lot of mistakes making the readers laugh by going through the contents of the application but at the same time, it reflects his eagerness to join any hotel - industry or any food - chain as a cook.
    He could have presented the application with more relevant details as indicated below-
    1) Name of the candidate
    2) Father's name of the applicant.
    3) Details of Qualification
    4) Experience in the cooking - industry.
    5) No objection certificate from the present employer if already in the job.
    6) Salary expected in the event of selection.
    7) Whether accepting full time or part time - job .

  • A synopsis of your educational qualifications, experience and personal details should be written in your application. In stead of giving like a bio data, it can be like a letter with to address and from address on the top. Your details in 2 or 3 paragraphs highlighting your qualification, experience and achievements in the body of the letter should be given precisely but in short.
    Don't forget to give your full address, mobile number and email address in from address. Please see that there are no spelling mistakes. It will give a bad impression to the appointing authority. The full details with all credentials can be submitted afterwards if they ask.

    always confident

  • The employer needs to know detail information about the person.The person is going to apply for cook job.Which needs to give full personal information.Temporary address along with Permanent address.Qualifications,Experience and Expectations.Along with application he should submit Aadhar Card photo-copy.Some times cooks are negligent,So after submitting the application interview should be conducted.

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