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    Name problem on 10th certificate

    Having a name mismatch in certificates? Worried about which name to fill in the MPSC form? Here, on this page, you can read suggestions from experts and decide how to fill the form.

    I had changed my surname after 10th. My name on the 10th certificate does not tally with the name on other certificates.
    I have gazette of changed name. With which name should I fill MPSC form?
    In the instruction of the form they have mentioned to fill form with SSC certificates name.
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  • When you have changed your name, why did you not apply for change of name on your SSC certificate. Generally for name and date of birth SSC certificate is the basis. You have to write the name what you have on SSC certificate for now. Then apply for change of name in your SSC certificate through the school you have studied. Once your new certificate comes with correct name, you can ask for change in your job also.

    But keep it in mind that SSC is the basis for name and date of birth.

    always confident

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