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    How to rectify issue of small sized sized letters

    Have a query about font size on ISC sections? Searching for answers online? Check out this page for suggestions from experts.

    My query is relating to ISC. I have noticed that whenever I wirte my responses in respect of Articles in ISC, the size of the letters becomes very small. I face the same problem while writing answers to the questions asked in 'Ask Epert' section. But, I don't face this problem anywhere else. As for example, I am typing the question, but the size of the letters is normal.

    My questions are:-
    (a) Why the size of the letters is so small in Resource Response section and Reply to Ask Expert Section? Is this problem faced by all, or is this particular problem is due to my computer?

    (b) How can I rectify the problem?

    Experts may kindly give point-wise reply.
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  • The style-sheet that ISC uses, has different font across different sections. So this way the content appears small in some places and bigger in another. I guess it needs a bit tweaking to look good for both desktop and mobile. I dont think we as a members can fix this from our end. But you can use browser zoom feature for increasing the font size. It may not give you the good look but it's all that you can do for now.

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