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    Issue of name change

    Interested in correcting name and birth date in certificates? Searching for methods to do so? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have passed class 10th in 2014 and class 12th in 2016 from U.P.Board. Now I want to change my childhood name and correct my birth date. l want to admission in Maharashtra university with my real name.
    Can you provide advice?
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  • Is the name on certificates is different from your original name. Do you have a birth certificate? Is the date of birth and name of your father correctly mentioned in your birth certificate? On what basis you want to change your name.

    You have to go for filing a petition against your father saying that your name and date of birth are wrongly recorded by your father in the school. You have to contact a lawyer who will give you a full procedure and time required for completing the process. Once court gives a verdict in your favor, you have to go to school and college for correction in your cetificates. A very tedious procedure.

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  • Sir I have birth certificate,aadhar card,pan card of my real name but my father is dead.

  • Parent being alive or dead should not cause any problem in your case. As long as you have proper name in Aadhar, Voting card, PAN. That should be sufficient enough to get things changed in educational documents. If any of the documents needs clearing, and your parents are not around, then mention that and go through District Tahsildar and Notarized the document regarding the mistakes. Then you can apply for date of birth correction and name changes. That should give you some upstart.

  • The change of name is relatively easy. You have to make an affidavit before a First class Magistrate of the city where you live and give advertisement in one English and one vernacular newspaper. You have to keep the original affidavit and the advertisments throughout your life. But the change of name will be accepted.

    However, change of date of birth would be more complicated. You have to produce documents indicating your proper date of birth (birth certificate issued by the hospital/municipal authority/village panchayat office). You have also to funish reasons why do you want to change your date of birth so late (i.e., why didn't you do it earlier).

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  • Hi,
    From your question it is not clear to me why you want to change your name and DOB? However the change in name is quite easy. You want to do an affidavit before a first class magistrate. For the proof you have to submit the copy of PAN card, Adhaar card etc. where you have the correct name. And also with that you have to give an advertisement in popular daily news paper that you have changing your name.
    The change of DOB birth also needs same kind of process, but it is more complicated. You do not have specified that if you have a birth certificate or not. If you have such a document you can produce that to change your DOB. Do you have different DOB in PAN card, ADHAAR Card or in your 10th ADMIT CARD. Anyhow the main proof is the birth certificate, as the changes will be made on its basis.

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