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    How to apply for government job in probation period

    Planning to change a government job in probation period? Searching for details for how to do so? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am a BE graduate and working in Central Government as a multitasking class 3 post since 5 months. It is the lowest paid job in the government.
    I am not satisfied in this job so I want to apply for another post as class 2. But I don't know how to apply for other Central Government job in probation period.
    Can you provide guidance?
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  • A government employee has to apply for another government post through proper channel. Like any other candidate you have to get the required application form, fill it. All required attachments are to be attached. Then you have to submit it in your office for the clearance of your boss. Your boss will do the needful. If you directly send they may not consider your application.
    Once they clear your application, there will not be any problem. If you get selection, they will relive you as usual

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  • You can always apply for other Government jobs. The exact procedure for applying is indicated below:-

    (a) Whenever there is any new vacancy, send an application like other candidates. But please indicate in the application about your present employment. Please don't conceal any information.
    (b) Before sending the application, please keep a copy of the same.
    (c) Then intimate your present office about applying for anotherGovernment job and request your office to forward the application through proper channel.
    (d) If the application is forwarded by your office, then it is perfectly alright. If not, even then you don't have any problem. There is a provision in the rule that if it is specifically not mentioned that your request has been turned down, it automatically implies that your intimation has been taken on record. In that case, you would not face any problem in case of your subsequent selection.
    (e) I personally left three Government jobs and ultimately settled in the fourth one. I had no problem. Nowadays, I a forward the application of my subordinates as Head of Office. Only remember that you should not conceal any information and you should formally intimate your present office. Intimating your present office has many other advantages, which you will know in due course.

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  • In case, you are under probation - period and are interested for a government - job, you have to move through proper channel. It means you have to fill up an application and has to be forwarded to higher ups in order to secure no objection - certificate. If you are having any bond, the due amount has to be submitted to the accounts - department apart from the departmental clearance for no objection in case you leave the organisation.
    This process is essential prior to joining in the new government job. Once you are selected in the new assignment, there would not be any impediment in your release from the former job. You may indicate the same in your application - form, where you are applying currently in a government - job.

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