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    Should I get PAN Card made for my minor daughter?

    Have a query about PAN card? Wondering whether it is possible to make PAN card for a minor? Check out this page for response from experts.

    My daughter is 16+ years old. She is a student and she doesn't have any independent income. However, she has a minor savings account and some FDs in her name. Some of my friends have suggested me to get a PAN Card made for my daughter. In this connection, I would like to know the following:-
    (a) Is it necessary to have PAN Card for my daughter, when she has no independent income?
    (b) Will not having PAN Card cause problem in withdrawing money (by her) from her savings account and FD accounts in future?
    (c) What are the documents required (for a minor without any income) to get a PAN Card?
    Kindly furnish point-wise reply.
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  • Nowadays employers ,especially the IT sector ask for PAN card compulsorily before even joining. On selection PAN card is one of the mandatory documents the candidates have to produce.
    I have faced some tense days in the case of my son. In our case there was some extra delay I the aftermath of demonetisation and people were crowding to get PAN. Then at last on the previous date of joining we got the PAN number. With that our son could upload the needed documents online. Otherwise there was an uncertainty of postponing his joining.

    So apply for PAN card for your daughter as early as possible, even if she has no independent income now.

    New guidelines mandate that Aadhaar has to be linked to PAN. That means you have to apply for Aadhaar card if not obtained already. Nowadays, let the youngsters have their Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Passport and Driving licence at the earliest date possible.
    The procedure for applying PAN card is available in one or two questions in the Ask Experts section itself. Hence I am not repeating it.

  • Now a days PAN card and Aadhaar card are very important for all. Your daughter is already 16+. She has a bank account and also FD. It is better you get them for her at the earliest. There is no much problem in applying for these cards. You can refer the sites concerned to Aadhaar card and PAN card. You will get all details.

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  • People are getting PAN card even for their 2 year old kids. The reason being some of the investment schemes and nominee option require the child to have PAN and aadhar card. PAN has nothing to do with income. But it is means for tracking the transactions and the cashflow for IT dept. So even those who are staying home as housewife need to have PAN card as country goes more into digital transactions. Considering your daughter is already 15+, has bank account and FD. It is wise move to use her PAN and aadhar card for any future references and investments.

  • There is no restriction of age for PAN card or Aadhar card.

    While giving the documents for making the PAN card for a minor, the address of parents is to be provided. Rest of the documents i.e. age proof etc are to be provided as per the individual.

    You can apply for PAN card at the select centres in your city.

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  • Those who have a good volume of hair can have two or more ties on head. Likewise, if any income is derivable in your daughter's name only you need to be have a PAN, otherwise needless. When we have no chance of going to any foreign countries, why should we apply for a passport. Similarly we should not insist for PAN for person without any taxable income and increase the level of PAN holders. But once we have any taxable income or income nearing the taxable income we should not hesitate to have a PAN and we should not avoid or evade tax on any occasion.

  • Nice query has been asked by you about getting/obtaining PAN card or not in case of minor child.

    First of all i would like to tell you that it is not necessary to obtain PAN card in case of minor or in any other case in a general sense. Because there is no relation of PAN card with your income (i.e. up to not taxable income).

    But in your query you told us that your daughter has some interest income from saving bank account as well as some FDs. In this case it is advisable to get the PAN card of your daughter. Because bank definitely deduct the tax at source on the FD's interest, in that case you will need to fill the form 15H or 15G for saving of tax which will be deducted by bank. In that case you will need the PAN card of your daughter (even she is minor)

    Documents required for obtaining PAN card of minor has been given below:
    1. Date of birth proof
    2. Address proof
    3. Id proof
    4. Two photograph

    However the address proof and id proof must be relates with minor's parents either of Mother or Father. In PAN form the signature will also done by one of above mentioned parents.
    Photograph will be appear only in PAN form but not in PAN card. "Minor" word would be appear in place of photograph in PAN card.

  • As per the prevailing law, legal age to apply for PAN is 18+ years. Reply to your queries will be as follows:
    1. It is not necessary to obtain PAN in name of daughter right now as she is a minor. Many a times even minors have income sources like for example kids that act in serials or movies. In their cases the income they earn in in their name but the same gets clubbed with the income of parents.
    In your case there is no necessasity to obtain a PAN for your daughter.

    2. Withdrawing money from her account will not be an issue if the same is already taxed in hands of parents, as already explained above. So no need to worry. Once she attains majority then she can obtain a PAN in her name and start filing her tax returns, with FD interest as her income.

    3. Since there is no need to apply for PAN right now so documents details is also not necessary.

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