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    How to switch the dial pad from numbers to alphabets?

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    I am facing a problem submitting my LPG consumer number details over the phone for IVRS booking. My consumer number is alphanumerical and I am unable to switch from numbers to alphabets on the dial pad while registering.

    I have tried different instruments (all Android), but am unable to make the switch on the dial pad.

    How does one do that?
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  • There must be "abc" in your keypad right? Every keypad comes with that feature. Otherwise try shift key in the keypad.

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  • If the issue is feeding in an alpha-numeric code in an IVRS, then the corresponding number on the dial pad should suffice. I am saying this as I copy-pasted a word on the dial pad of my smartphone and it showed the corresponding numbers on the dial pad.

    E.g. I copy-pasted 'OKIE' from a WhatApp message on to the dial pad and it showed '6543' . Hope it helps.

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  • As Far as my knowledge, we cannot type alphabets in the dial pad which appears for IVRS while we are on call. Though it shows alphabets at the numbers just like the normal dial pad, it allows only to enter the numbers , "*" and "#". As far as I know IVRS works through dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signals. That is Every key you type will have certain lower and upper frequency which allows the computer detect the key you pressed. So if you want "C" if you type "1" 3 times, it will just record as "111" but not "C". So Unless there is any advanced system which analyses the digits you entered and Convert it into alphabets, it is not possible to enter the alphabets there.

    Regarding booking of your LPG, I think you can ignore the Alphabets which are at the start while entering the Consumer number. If it is "A12389" you can enter "12389". I think entering the numeric part is enough. If it still gives an issue, you can try booking using SMS instead of IVRS.

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