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    Regarding NOC from one government job for another government job

    Planning to change a government job? Wondering if NOC is necessary? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can check out resolution to your dilemma.

    I have been working as Junior Engineer in Jharkhand state government for 1 year. I have applied for SSC CGL 2017 but have not mentioned about my government job in the application form.
    If I am selected in SSC CGL do I need NOC if I am going to resign later.
    How will SSC department come to know about my present job which I have not mentioned?
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  • Suppressing information always causes problem. Why didn't you mention that you have been working in Govt.? As you have suppressed your employment information, you would not be able to include your present service in case of your selection in CGL 2017.

    If you resign from your present employment, there is no question of NOC. NOC means 'No Objection Certificate' from your present employer when you apply for another job. You have not done it. In case of selection, you have to resign and your resignation will be accepted if there is no vigilance case against you or is being contemplated against you and if you have not signed any bond. If you have signed any bond, then there is a provision of transfer of bond from one Govt. office to other Govt. office.

    Without going into so much technical details, your present action would be: (i) preparing seriously for CGL, (ii) intimating your office about your applying for a new Govt. job, which would help acceptance of your resignation quickly in case you are selected for any Govt. job under CGL.

    In future, while applying for new Govt. job, please don't suppress information and apply through proper channel (along with advance copy).

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • Basically you have done a mistake. However it is not right on my part to demotivate you and depress you by pointing out your mistake. We have to find a way to rectify the mistake and move ahead holding head high and with clean conscience.
    You discuss the matter with you well wisher superior. Inform your superiors(the proper authority through your office and superior) about the matter that you applied for the SSC CGL 2017, and by oversight ignorance you missed to mention about your current job. Ask for a No-Objection now for that. Generally your office will issue a NOC, considering your lack of experience and honestly informing them about the matter.

    The other alternative is keeping quite and then when you get selected resign from current job and simply join without mentioning the previous job. But to keep a lie or omission knowingly, it may require many more lies and compromising later. Suppository are selected ask to join on or before a particular date. But due to some reasons, your relieving is delayed from the existing job, then you ill be in difficulty. Not only that there can be or may be some benefits because of your earlier job. That can be obtained only if you had declared that.

    Hence do not worry about what has happened. From now on make things straight. Take guidance and help well wishing senior colleagues and superiors.
    Attempt CGL with proper preparation. Best wishes
    ( Read and familiarise with the rules,regulations and code of conduct of govt employees,your current job)

  • Thank you for suggestions!

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