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    Query about name mismatch in certificate

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    I have passed my 10th from UP Board in 2007. My name in 10th and 12th certificate and ration card.
    I am preparing for competitive exams.
    Will this create problem for applying for a government job?
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  • Government Dept do go through your names and other background check. So make sure to get the correction for the respective document. You have to produce the original document where the original name applies. You have to do notary and also few other document processing depending on the certificate that needs name change. You may also have to write letter to concerned authority in order to get the document properly processed. Once you make the changes in said documents, you can then fearlessly apply for the govt job. So start from now and get it corrected within few weeks. This should not affect your job application as it does not ask for the document.

  • You have to approach the Board through your school. 2007 means already 10 years completed.Why you have not taken corrective action immediately. Go to your school and explain the difference to the headmaster and apply for change. They may ask you for a notary certificate. But first approach the headmaster immediately and follow his instructions. otherwise it will be a problem later on.

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  • yes, it will certainly create problem in future. You have not mentioned what name is written in 10, 12 and ration card but I understand that there is name mismatch in certificate.
    Let see if 10th and 12th both have same names or not if in both mark sheet your name is same and correct then you can easily go for the correction in ration card on the basis of both the mark sheet.
    If both mark sheets have different names,then you have to contact your school principal and let him know. you have to apply online for the correction of name in mark sheet. You will have to charge some nominal fees for the same. For apply you need mark sheet's scanned copy, photocopy of scholar book, certificate of principal. On applying above procedure, you will get your new and correct mark sheet within 10-15 days. So go for correction.

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  • Your question is not clear. However, I am assuming that there is a mismatch between your name as recorded in Board Examination and in the Ration card. Yes, there may be some problem. The solution is to sign an affidavit before a First-class Magistrate of your city. The affidavit may be worded like this: "My name is recorded as XYZ in the Xth Board certificate. My name is recorded as xyz in XIIth Board certificate and in the ration card. I hereby declare that both XYZ and xyz are same." You have to publish similarly worded classified advertisements in an English newspaper and in a vernacular newspaper. Last but not the least, you have to permanently preserve the original affidavit and original advertisements.

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