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    How to become a cricketer besides studying in a University

    Aspiring to become a cricketer? Wondering how to do so along with studies? On this page find resolution to your query.

    My age is seventeen years. If I join in Jain University which encourages sports very much, can I become a cricketer by taking training from there? Is it enough to become a cricketer? If not, how can I become cricketer besides studying from college level?
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  • You can also play from local teams. There are people who get selected through local city teams. Later representing the city on state level tournaments. And then going through route of state level to play on national level tournaments. Find a coach nearby who has reputation of pushing talent ahead. And get trained with that person. So if you choose to not join the university and college level teams, this seems to be your only option for joining the team. Make sure to reach state level team as that seems to open the doors for the national teams, IPL and other Level 1 cricket tournaments.

  • Why not? You can always become a cricketer while continuing study. You are very young. Your age is on your side. Now, you require planning, execution and time-management. Contact local club, a good coach and start playing cricket with all seriousness. At the same time, you can take admission in a College and continue studying.
    Give it a try. It is worth trying.

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    Now ,academies are established for giving training.You have to need to join an academy,where you can take coaching.First you have to manage your time.We have examples of cricketers,who did study along with playing cricket.Self practice is also necessary.

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  • As your age is only 17 now, you can become a cricketer and simultaneously you can continue your studies. You may have to put in lot of hard work to be successful in your endeavor Definitely you will be successful. Look for a good coach around your place and take his guidance. Decide whether you want to be a bowler or a batsman. Take the help of seniors and coach. Start devoting daily some good time for practice. Start playing in local matches that are being conducted by local clubs, schools and colleges. Please make an attempt. You will be successful.

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  • Half of your job is done by having a tremendous inclination in the Cricket - field. Now look around your colleagues living in your near by area having inclination for the Cricket. Encourage such friends to form a group so that they are actively involved in Cricket - play. Simulteneously look out for a coach who can provide you suitable tips to excel well in this field. As you are interested to join Jain - university where the aspirants are encouraged to take parts in crickets, you can join the same but ensure that your activities are continious and with the suitable guidance you play in the places adjacent to your city. You have to choose either for Batsmanship or Bowler so that you can develop your talent in the required area.
    By taking parts in the Cricket in the nearby areas, you can enhance your confidence - level and later try for entry for the state - level. In that you can widen your scope for the National - level teams including IPL in the ensuing time. Wish you all the best for your future - assignment.

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