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    What is the qualification for studying MS abroad?

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    I have completed my under graduation Bachelor degree of Microbiology and my ambition is to study MS in USA.
    I want a brief explanation about the qualification for MS, Like how to apply for it, how to get visa, what is the educational qualification for doing MS if I am eligible for doing MS after master degree.
    How to prepare TOFEL or GRE examination?
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  • MS stands for Masters in Science. It is postgraduate degree. So it requires you to have graduate degree in your own country. This postgraduate degree has it's own process for the offshore students. You're supposed to give GRE, SAT for some universities in USA. Some may even require TOFEL score for you to apply. Once you apply through universities respective process and gets accepted, you'd be given student visa approval. Then you have to go through embassy office for further process. And once approved you can board the flight and resume your educational activities for MS degree. That seems to be the overall process. You're graduate in Microbiology degree, so you're eligible to apply. So find out the process for respective university where you wish to pursue post graduate degree (MS).

  • In case, you are interested in M.S. Degree in a foreign university, you need to clear GRE or SAT test so that you can pursue your studies abroad in the USA. Some universities demand TOFEL clearance and hence you must devote your full time to clear the same so that you may secure admission in M.S in a foreign university. You have to apply to the concerned university with all the relevant certificates along with the production of a certificate of either GRE or SAT clearance.
    Apart from it, you have to approach the office of the embassy of the concerned country where you intend to continue your studies. Some formalities are required to be fulfilled in order to secure the visa - approval. Once the process is cleared, you may fly to the concerned country for the pursuance of Master of Science in your subject - Microbiology.

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