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    I don't know which caste I belong to

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    I am born Christian but my parents are non converted Christians from Mangalore. Now my problem is that I don't know in which caste I fall into. I wanted o write the caste in some government documentation. Even my parents know about it since we never worried about the caste. Anybody can tell which caste I belong to?
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  • Ms. Lewis: How can the Members of ISC tell which caste you belong to? This information is available with your parents and other near relatives. Only they can furnish correct information.

    But why do you want to know your caste? If it is to avail reservation facility, you are also required to submit supporting documents (caste certificate indicating SC/ST/OBC category) along with the application.

    If you don't belong to SC/ST/OBC category, you can simply indicate 'Not Applicable (General)' against the relevant column. I also used to write the same against the 'caste' column in the application forms.

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  • The best persons who can solve your doubts are your parents, the church (as Christian for the sub-sect or denomination) you go to.
    The mention of caste and religion matters when you claim some benefits based on caste or religion. It is also needed for the reservation and quota. You or your parents would be in possession of some documents where the caste is mentioned. They or you would already have submitted them in earlier occasion s for some purpose. Take that /them as your base document. If some fresh caste/community certification is needed, contact the village office/Tehsildar Office in your area for further guidance.

  • In your case, it would be better to have a clarification from your parents. They might have enjoyed some privilege/ concession by mentioning the same in their admission - form while applying for the competitive examination and with lesser marks, they might have qualified for it. Even in the service career - central government or otherwise, concession is available for OBC/ Scheduled Caste.
    Such supporting documents would be sufficient enough for your claim for concession in relation to caste- quota. In absence of such documentation, you may take the help of village Tahsildar for further guidance.

  • Though there are many arguments that there is no caste or religion, the benefits offered by respective Government are based only on religion and caste. In your case you without any hesitation should go the the native place of your father where he lived earlier or by birth and on consulting the living persons though the Panchayat Office people you can definitely get a caste certificate with which you can do many things. My father availed his Birth certificate like this even after his 59 years for availing settlement from his Govt.Office on his retirement.

  • Your parents have gone through conversion process. So you lose any reservation rights you had through the law in hindu category. Christian, Muslim are treated same as the general hindu caste. By conversion any benefit you had in caste are being forfeited. So from here you'd not get any benefits. Any minority benefits that are assigned through state for muslims and christians may come into play in your case. But nationwide, you won't be treated as any reservation category. You'd be treated christian from here onwards. Even if you do produce the documents, this would be contested by the respective parties who offer you the reservation benefits across government offices.

  • Converted Christians of a certain caste will have some reservations. If a SC person converted to Christian he will become a BC under minority section. But a upper caste person converts to Christianity, he don't have any reservations. So caste is important.

    But how some unknown person can tell your caste. As mentioned by others you have to get that information from your parents or from the church where you have taken the conversion.

    As already mentioned getting a caste certificate is difficult without any proof. So you better write as General candidate.

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  • What I presume that the caste of the father would be passed as the legacy to the child. In this case too you cannot claim any caste on your own. Your father caste whether he was following some other caste previously and after marriage with your mother if he follows some other caste and at that time if you are born means , you will surely get the legacy of that caste only. It is better to have right documentation for the caste now. If you presume to be a Christian and authenticated by your parents, then obtain a caste certificate from your religious head and that forms the basis for registering the same with MRO office of your area to obtain caste certificate from Govt.

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  • As one generation has already passed without mentioning the caste, it will be basically a digging act where one will have to go back to the village or locality where your parents lived during their childhood and find out that community to which they belonged. After that only they can get their caste certificate.

    Based on your parents caste you can approach the local authorities - Tahsildar or Sub Diviginal Magistrate to get your caste certificate.

    Certain times authorities may insist for certain legal affidavits also duly certified by Notary.

    Anyway all these activities will be required if you are really interested to find it out due to some expected advantage out of this exercise.

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  • Thanks to all

  • Jeena,
    Most school , college leaving certificates mentions religion and caste of students. It is required since it gives authority to decide if you can avail the government facility. Except these certificate only birth certificate has your caste mentioned.
    Basically , No one argues if you do not ask for any special reservation in anywhere. So do not worry if you don't need reservation, opt General quota.

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