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    How to change and correct name of father in school documents

    Worried about the incorrect father's name in your high school documents? Quickly take expert help to know the process to make the requisite changes.

    I have passed my high school in 2007. I registered my father name as VISHWANATH Rai but in my all documents such as ration card, Aadhaar card ,etc it was VISHWANATH. I belong to schedule caste with caste is Dhanuk. I wrongly used my father's title as Rai. What is the solution for this? I am worried as I am preparing for competitive exams and in document verification this can create a problem.
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  • Generally for name proof SSC certificate is the authenticated document. Do your father has the same. In that certificate what was written. Is there any authenticated document showing you father's name correctly. You have to attach a copy of that document and approach your school head master. He will guide and do as per his instruction. I am not very sure about Aadhar card as it is very recently made, but you passed your high school in 2007. At that time author card is not existing.

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  • I will suggest you to contact your school principal and see what is written in scholar register. If in scholar register Rai is written then you have to give an affidavit for the same. By this affidavit your school principal can change the name correctly. After that correction you have to apply for the board office to correct the name. You can apply online for the correction of name in your mark sheet after the correction in that affidavit. Sometimes the approval of DEO is needed for the correction in scholar register. You have to submit your caste certificate for mentioning the correct name.
    Once DEO approved the changes you can easily get new certificate for the same. Please go as soon as possible for the correction. Do not delay.

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