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    B.Sc. CS or B.Sc. IT - which is the best option after Class 12?

    Unsure of whether to pursue B.Sc. CS or B.Sc. IT after Class 12 exams? Know from experts the better option in terms of a future career & job scope.

    I passed 12th class this year with science & math. I want to know which course will better for me between B.Sc. CS or B.Sc. IT. Also, can I do Diploma courses with B.Sc.?
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  • Both the courses B.Sc in IT and B.Sc in comp.Sc have their own significance and in fact both have their demands in the computer related field and hence you need not have any confusion in the selection of either of the courses.
    B.Sc comp. Sc deals with details of studies of the computer fundamentals including the mathematical - concepts such as Bullen Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Java, Net- working etc.
    Where as B.Sc in IT has been designed to upgrade the skills of the aspirants in the Information Technology according to the need of computer Industries. Skills of computer - programming such as Java, C++ etc are learnt and practiced to be a future - programmer by going through this course.
    So there is no superiority in choosing a particular course. The employer would be happy with your computer related concepts and skills. Learn the fundamentals honestly so that you can be an efficient Manager later on.
    Yes, you can persue some diploma courses after B.Sc for the upgradation of your computer - skills and your demand in this line will multiply how sincerely you have grasped the different tools effectively. Your passion would definitely yield positive results in the computer - field.

  • As a fresh graduate when you want to join in a job related to computers, there is no much difference between B.Sc(CS) or B.Sc(IT). Basing on your % of marks in your degree and your performance in the selection process you will be getting a job. Once you join a particular line like programming or quality or maintenance, you have to acquire additional certification courses for getting updated and betterment in the career.

    But there is a belief among the people is CS is a better branch than IT. The reasons not understood by me.

    always confident

  • The difference between the computer science and IT is more into the syllabus being taught. The computer science degree is going to teach you more on thee fundamentals of computing. And the topics are both practical and therautical. In case of the IT the syllabus goes more deep into the IT specific application based industry. So the computer science like in depth syllabus isn't there. But MIS and few other topics have more depth.

    Both the degrees allow you to join as a computer engineer for any software company out there. You can see that some of those companies may expect you to have knowledge of both the degrees. And though they may go through the typical interview rounds, the process remains same with either degree. So if you just want to work as a programmer or tester, those degrees either should work out for you. Nothing beneficial on the workplace side with either degree. Neither does HR or the technical interviewer cares about it.

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