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    Is it good to prepare for State PSC exams along with IAS exams

    Planning to prepare for State PSC exams along with IAS exams? Check out from the expert responses below if it is a good plan to prepare and appear for both simultaneously.

    I am 26 years old MBA graduate without a job. I will be appearing for IAS exam next year and I have started my preparation. Next year I will be appearing in State PSC exam also, as its syllabus is same as of IAS and also a bit easier. I have taken state PSC exam as backup plan - is it a viable plan?
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  • If you prepare for SSC will it not be easy for ninth class? It is known that IAS exam preparation needs wider and better preparation that for the state PSC exams. Of course, there may be some differences. That fine tuning can be done when needed.
    As of now your focus should be only for IAS preparation. Aim high , prepare for higher goals. If you get IAS, the what is the need to think about state PSC?
    Keep confidence, put sincere, focused and needed efforts. Do not take it as very light nor impossible difficult. Be realistic knowing the right importance.
    Best wishes.

  • Generally the patterns of all State Public Service Commissions for appointment of Class I Officers in the State Civil Services, are similar to the Indian Civil Services Examination conducted by the UPSC. In both cases, the applicants have to appear in General Studies, English and optional papers. Both the examinations (conducted by State Public Service Commissions and Union Public Service Commission) are subjective in nature.

    As the patterns of these two examinations are similar, an applicant can prepare for both simultaneously.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • Your plan is viable. IAS exam is very tough and you are aiming for it. When compared to IAS exam, the state PSC exam is less hard. So you can definitely fare well and your chances of getting selected for Class 1 officer will be much better.

    As mentioned by Mr. Partha, the pattern of both the exams and subjects are almost similar.
    So I don't foresee any problem in your planning. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • There is a subtle difference between the two examinations as the pattern of Civil services examination conducted by the UPSC is different from the Group I services examination conducted by state Public Service Commission. The state level examination carries a thrust on the History of the state and its geography and the regional language as well while the UPSC examination spreads over wider dimensions. You can concentrate on both the examinations but each one of them has its own importance.

    Just as player who plays in a classic style in test cricket may not be in position to flourish in One day match or a T-20 match as one has to get tuned to the time and accuracy of the game. Same is the case here. There are instances where an aspirant who got selected in one of the services in Civil services examination but failed in a group I service examination conducted by the SPSC. The reason is a selective extensive study covering wide range of topics and selection of good optional subjects is an essential commodity to do good in a Civil services examination while it is not so in a state level examination. Another factor is the Civil Services examination is conducted every year while the state level examinations are not conducted regularly and conducted based on the vacancies. Thus a dedicated and determined candidate can take it for sure to crack a berth in the Civils exam in any chance but you have to wait for an announcement of the State services examinations.

    As our friends have already suggested you to aim high, better to concentrate more on Civil Services examination and follow the pattern for Gr I examination, in case the schedule of exams falls in between.


  • As you are preparing for IAS examination, you will cover almost entire syllabus regarding general awareness,current affairs and English language knowledge and quantitative aptitude.Most of the State PSU examinations test the knowledge of General knowledge,polity,aptitude and indian,state Economics.
    * So,if you are seriously preparing for Civil Services Examination,then it will be easy for u to clear state PSU examinations.

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