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    How to get into a computer programming IT career

    Keen on switching from general computer work to specific computer programming work in the IT field? The expert responses at this page will give you advice on the right career path to becoming an ace IT computer programmer.

    I have completed my engineering in year 2012. I am a computer science student in engineering. I have been in non-voice process for more than 4 years. Now I am interested in joining in IT sector, that too especially as programmer. Is there any chance for me to get a change. What are the things I need to do? Could you please suggest also companies to get the IT jobs.
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  • Some of the Engineering graduate used to join the job immediately in a haste once they completed their Graduation, if they get the relevant jobs from Campus or from any consultant or even directly into Software or IT industry then no issue. In fact some of them used to join in a different process (like BPO/ Non-Engineering company) than Engineer related one which gives trouble to them finally specially with their tenure of the work experience which they can't hide.

    If they had worked for few months then no issue and if they had worked for more than a year then their Resume has to update by either showing unrelated work experience or completely remove it.

    In your case Non-voice plus four years work experience of Non-Engineering work which may really disturb the process, resume and interview etc. in the future. However, you can still overcome from it by joining any small IT company where you can work as Programmer (fresh) and show your Programming talent or learn the relevant Programming / coding course side by side and later (after few years work experience) move to a big IT firm. If you get directly a big IT firm then there won't be any issue which happens very rare.

    Also, try to update your resume, your programming knowledge and keep in touch with IT consultant firm who can assist you for suitable job anytime soon. You may also work as freelance Programmer if you are already expert and run a small IT firm.

  • Since you have worked in non voice process and having 4 years of experience it is difficult to get into programming field though not impossible. You have to be patient and determines till you reach what you want. You might have to compromise with initial salary and you are completely switching from one profile to a different one. Also chances for you getting into desired field is more in small companies than larger one's so do not hesitate to join any small company. Once you gain experience, you can jump to big companies and also expect higher salary. Be focused and determined.

    1. First make sure which programming language you want to get into.
    2. Find good coaching institutes for that programming language in your city and join the course. Always having certificate will have some weightage.
    3. Update your resume with all the skills you are good at and upload the resume in job portals. Make sure you update the resume in job portals very often as recent one's catch the eyes of the recruiter.
    4. Share your resume with family and friends as sometimes referral drives will be conducted in companies and also reference works a lot to get into any company.

  • You are already working in IT as a non voice support person. So only thing you have to do in order to get into programming is learn the skill and apply through the process. The company you work for if has the programming jobs, then find out how they conduct the interview process. Find out which language skills has the job opening.

    1. Choose either Java or Dot net C#. Get some training on it.
    2. Find out how interview process works. And get yourself trained for the same.
    3. Create new resume, as a fresher and list your current job in experience section.
    4. Ask HR to help with the resume and let them know if it needs correction.
    5. Start applying to your own company where you work and others.

    This should give you some head-start to get going.

  • Since you are attached to BPO engaged as a non support programmer and have an experience of four years in the similar line, your switching over to IT field as a programmer seems to be a difficult task if not impossible one. You need to review the entire situation prior to taking a final decision for the job - switch. Here are a few suggestions for your considerations-
    1) You have to make some sort of financial adjustment in case you leave the present job. The other option would be to start a specialised training from NIIT, APTECH etc from where you would get enough exposure in any programming such as Oracle, C++, Java, Tester programming etc remaining in the present job.
    2) Look out for the vacancies appearing in the leading Newspaper and see if your programming received from the training matches with the demand of employers. You can also get registered with so that you may avail of getting a job in your chosen field.
    3) Initial salary offered by the Employer in the event of job- switching should not be a disheartening point for you since you are making a new entry in this field.
    4) Develop your communication skill so that you presentation before the interview - board is effective . Update the knowledge of current affairs and in that way, your success in the interview multiplies.
    5) Develop intimacy with the people working in the software and sometimes their referrals would ease considerably in finding a suitable job of your likeness.

  • After a long period in working in other areas coming back to computer programming line will demand some additional efforts. There are various professional courses by reputed companies like microsoft certified courses in different branches of programming. By doing these short courses you can bring weightage in your CV.

    Working part time in small firms or companies related to this area may also help you in mentioning that skill in your application while applying for computer programming vacancies.

    Anyway continuous efforts and upgradation of computer programming languages and platforms will only be the main support at this juncture.

    There are many examples where people switched there jobs from one unrelated area to other area and with rigourous and determined efforts they excelled in that. So one should always see the brighter side and take the steps ahead.

    Good luck.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Yes you can be programmer or programming developer too. It would not be easy but see which of following can suitable to approach for you.
    1. Go for M.Tech. or M.E. in IT or computer science. Choose your college wisely which offer placements. From there try to get campus selected.
    2. Even programmers are not all happy. Sometimes frustration comes to them as well so instead of programmer thing about testing field too. It is not bad as had good opportunities than programmer. You can learn testing tools from coaching institutes and complete certification on it. Don't not lose small company opportunity also if you been offered through institute.
    3. Hunting job on own. It is toughest task in current world. No one will take you with your BPO background. You need some backing and for that you need to contact consultancies. They offer recruitment for small or large companies. With some expenses they will put options of jobs. Search consultancies for city you are living.
    4. Last option is to do hard core programming certification through reputed institute like C DAC. It need time, money and lot of pressure. If you are up to that then approach them and enroll. They most of time gets recruited easily. Choose your programming language carefully as it would be for your lifetime to code for.

    All the best.

    Life Is Beautiful

  • If you want to be a good programmer and joining in IT field than first research on which language you are intrested in. Choose one language you are intrested in and Focus on it properly because if anyone ask anything about that then you should challange the person. If you searching for a IT jobs than ISC is bettar platform for finiding any job. With programming skills, the skills what IT recruiter looking for in a employee is good communication skills and basic understanding. Improves our skills so that will make you to shine in the IT industry.

  • Since you have been working the Non-Voice process for these years, your typing skills should be excellent.
    Try to program choosing a software language everyday.This will explain and make you understand the difficulties of programming in the IT field.
    Join a reputed institute such as NIIT for a programming course and try to finish the course with good credits, also with that try the Verbal and analytical reasoning books for the job interview. Your verbal and reasoning skills should also be sharpened in order to get crossed the interview rounds conducted by the software companies.
    You can join as a starter in the industry and try to develop slowly in the career ladder of programming.
    HTML is the easiest in starting for the programming practice and work on them then slowly move to the bootstrap and get hooked with the web designing tools in order to get in the competitive programming.

  • Join a programming course that offers high end , structure and high end language like C# by Microsoft. However, you need to pay to use the IDE.

    Start with C or C++ language to get conversant with the language. When learning programming, time becomes your greatest enemy and one needs to have enough patient and passion when getting started.

    Invest three to four hours a day practicing. Most people fail to understand that understanding the syntax and attributes is most important than memorizing. Don't try to memorize syntax, and variables. But rather try to understand them. You will be able to Learn and become proficient when you only try to understand.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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