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    Query about transfer as Pharm D first year student writing final exams in May/June 2017.

    Interested in taking a transfer to another University? Searching for methods online? Check out this page for resolution to your queries.

    I am Pharm D first year student who is writing final exams in May/June 2017. I want to transfer to another university in Bangalore or Hyderabad and continue as a second year student. Is that possible for me? Can experts provide information about university consultants or admission agency to help me find a university>
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  • I think it's possible to transfer to the another university. You need to find yourself college in respective university willing to accept you as a transfer student. Get the necessary documents and letters of reason from current university and college. So that should give you standing on why you want to switch to another university. And after that you have to pay the respective fees in the new college as well. You do have to make sure that your current university result needs to come out while joining new college. As that is required in new university while processing. So start with documentation right now and then complete the process by the time your results are out.

  • Although credit transfer is formally possible in many universities, generally it is associated with many conditions, many 'if-s'. Moreover, the rules of individual universityies vary a lot regarding credit transfer. So, it would be advisable to personally check with the university where you are planning to study in the second year. Such information is usually not available in the website.

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  • It is possible to get transferred from one university to another university for the course. One of my relative has done her degree first year from Nagarjuna University. Then she got married and shifted to another place. So degree second year she has done from Andhra University. So it is possible to change.

    First of all you search for a college where you want to get admitted and give him the total information. If he accepts for it, you go to the present college where you are studying and apply for migration certificate. You should do it after your first year exams are completed.

    The college where you are going to admit will write to their university with your certificates and do the needful.

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