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    Target price in Intraday trading

    Would like to know what is target price in Intraday trading? Read on to know the detailed explanation from this page.

    I would like to know the following; Intra day tips are given as ;

    185.64 182.25 188.97 192.42 195.90 199.42
    Please explain the meaning of this.
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  • If a stock is trading around Rs. 185, you have to buy the stock at/above Rs. 185.64. This means, the stock breaks some resistance level at Rs. 185.64. Stop loss at Rs. 182.25 means, you have to sell the stock at this level by booking some loss, otherwise you may incur some heavy loss. Stop loss is positioned at some support level. If that support level is breached, the share price may go further down. Many trading accounts provide the option of setting the stop loss while buying the stock. Target 1 of Rs. 188.97 means, you may sell the stock at this level if you think you got some profit. Otherwise, you may wait for Target 2. Generally, if the stock breaches Target 1, it may reach Target 2. Similarly, if it breaches Target 2, it may reach Target 3 and so on.

  • Hello Sir,
    Thank you so much for the explanation.

  • You have given six parameters in your equity order string for day trading.

    The first one is for purchasing at or above a particular value.
    Second is for restricting the loss. Sometimes you buy a stock and suddenly it starts going down sharply so at that time STOP LOSS value helps us and share is sold at this value to limit the loss.

    If market continuously goes up you have option to sell at the target values from 1 to 4.

    Knowledge is power.

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