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    Where should we place the water tank in our house?

    Confused about the best place of water tank while constructing a house? Learn the perfect Vastu Sastra for the position of water tank from this page.

    A new house being constructed. It is a house facing the East. The borewell has been located behind the house in the West. It is a single story independent house. I have a doubt about placing a 750 litres capacity water tank on top of the house.

    Which is the ideal location to place the tank according to Vastu Sastra?
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  • Mr. Sun, In Andhra and Telangana, we believe that the bore well should be in the northeast corner of the house. Even underground water tank also should be in northeast corner only.

    You want to have a overhead tank of capacity 750 L. In Andhra and Telangana, we will have it in the southwest corner of the top of the house.

    This my experience and generally we will go like this only.

    always confident

  • Vastu etc could be followed and complied fully when people had sufficient extent of land and could construct houses also with large areas in a single storey. In today's constructions of multi-storied buildings we have to be practical only.
    In this case please see the strength of the construction and the balancing factor. 750 ltrs of water is 750 kilo weight. So it should be put up and secured in a position and place where the beam and column structure (or any other load bearing structure) can hold it properly without extra strain. The tank should not be susceptible to frequent winds from one side. It should be positioned in a neutral wind-shear direction.
    Consult your engineer and let him take the correct decision using your common sense and his technical expertise.

    For you and for any others who want to comply with vastu or astrology etc, please take up construction or activity only after consulting those experts. If not taken , then forget and carry o with confidence. One leg here and one leg there will land you in problems.

    Go ahead with prayers to God.

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