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    CPU red/blue lights are not on

    Having a problem with CPU start up? Wondering what is the issue? Check out this page for responses to your query.

    CPU lights are not working.
    When I connect CPU directly to electricity (without UPS)then suddenly electricity is gone.
    So then CPU blue/red light are not on.
    Can you provide a solution?
    But afterwards the CPU lights come up.
    When I connect only CPU wire no lights are displayed.
    I am very curious to know what is the solution.

    Cpu lights

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  • Can you put your question more clear?
    However I will try to answer with whatever I could make out from the question.
    There are mainly two coloured lights in the CPU cabinet which we can see. The colour sequence cn change as per how they assembled it. Some computers have green for power indication and red for activity indication.

    The first one on staring is the power on indicator .

    When the computer is started by putting the switch on after plugging into the main power supply plug or board, we get a power on indication. Then the computer parts inside get powered on and the hard drive starts its work as per the default procedures. The hard disk activity can be seen by a blinking red light.

    In your case it appears that the power on LED is not working. But the activity indicator light is working.

    So if your computer works fine after plugging the power chord(plug) and switching on, then you need not worry. In case the computer is under free service period you may get it rectified from the vendor. But if you feel it is some problem to you, you may contact the service person and get it rectified.
    You should disconnect the power chord only after properly shutting down the computer and putting of the plug switch.

  • The Central Processing Unit is the brain of the computer. So it should be active and response to user query. The main reason for malfunctioning of CPU is based on the operation of SMPS (System Main Power Supply). So better to connect your PC with UPS to give uninterrupted power supply to SMPS. This will rectify most of your CPU problems. Check your RAM installation in you PC for proper operation of CPU also.

  • First of all not to connect the CPU directly to the electricity without a stabilizer or UPS. This
    is because the direct electricity may have fluctuations sometimes and cannot be guessed when the voltage will be high or low. This will affect your CPU parts like motherboards, or some transistors may not be able to hold that much of the voltage.
    Since the CPU lights are not displayed first check with the wire connection with the SMPS a box with the fan that rotates first while connecting to the power or if you are aware of assembling try to check the connection of SMPS with the motherboard supply and then check with the led lights are connected.
    If the SMPS is working the power light should be on and when the Harddisk work the blue light might work based on the Harddisk drive working. Its might be a loose connection sometimes happens due to not cleaning the computer inside with the vaccum the dust particles sits in the socket connections. Unplug and plug again with the connections inside the CPU. This mostly will work.
    Try connect only with the UPS or the Stabilizer with in the middle since it controls the voltage fluctuations to normal power on.

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