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    Confused about career planning

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    I have done my B.Tech Mechanical and am not able to find any core job. So I am getting depressed. Considering my future should I look in core sector or pursue any course related to IT or leave core and focus on other government jobs? I have completed my degree in 2015 and its almost one and half year now. Can you suggest what to do ahead?
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  • Mr. Kirty Kumar, You have finished your B.Tech Mechanical in 2015. 2 years completed. What are your activities these 2 years. If the gap is more chances of getting a job in IT sector is very difficult. Mechanical Engineering is a Ever green field. If you try sincerely try for a job you will get it in core industry. But don't wait for a job in a MNC or a big company. You can join in a small company also as an engineer and put up some experience then you can shift your job. Don't wait for Government job also. Even there are some colleges offering teaching posts to graduate engineers. Try that and you can complete your M.Tech also there. But try to join at the earliest in any job you get. Where do you stay. If it is an industrial area, you will find so many workshops with CNC machines. Even you can get trained on that, you will get better jobs with that experience.

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  • After doing an engineering degree one should not wait for a good job. The basic reason behind this philosophy is that you lose lot of experience which you can get even at a small place.

    There are plenty of small companies where mechanical engineers can get a job may be a non core job but it does not matter as you must enter the real world of working.

    There is a long road to a successful career and until unless we start moving on that road nothing is going to happen.

    Please join some job and after that find out what is your aptitude and apply in those specific areas where you can excel. You may not be interested in some particular jobs but time being you have no option. One must be ready in fast switching of jobs in today's scenario because there are young people already switching and that is creating a place behind.

    There is a race and competition everywhere and you have to jump in it. Do not mind your initial renumeration and remember that you are doing it for experience gaining and not making money.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Having a job soon after completing course boost one's confidence and even attitude.
    Most organisations especially in IT sector want freshers. The more you are moving from the date of passing, the less you are preferred for such jobs.
    Now that you have come out completing course, you can apply for the off-campus selections. You better take a job in a small organisation in your core filed or an IT job if it comes first. But do not remain unemployed and not doing a course.
    If you get a suitable IT job like your peers, then decide whether you want to continue in IT sector. If continuing, take courses related to your job in IT. If not interested to continue long, keep trying for suitable jobs in the interested field , while keeping the IT job till you get a better one.

    If you get a job in mechanical field, then continue there and learn and specialise in the job related area and enhance expertise and enhance your chance of getting better jobs in the same field.In any job, put sincere efforts and learn more. That will benefit you in future in some way.
    Best Wishes.

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