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    How to remove a Google+ follower

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    Some people follow my blogs which makes me happy. However, if I do not wish for some of them to follow my blog and thus get removed from my list of followers, how do I do so? I have a very valid reason for wanting to remove them right away, so can you explain quickly in lucid steps.
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  • Blocking the person seems to be the only option that you have. You can't remove them or stop them from following. But blocking helps you stop them from following you. This is same as block on Facebook where the functionality is similar. You can manually ignore a follower, making you not see his activities. In such case you can also post content without having to worry about that person. In order to block the person you have to go to the profile of that person use the gear icon and block the profile. The steps may be different in case if you are using App as opposed to the website. In worst case scenario you can make your profile invite only or set public and private posts to separate the post.

  • From the guidance given above, I was able to use the block feature. Thank you. I would also like to know if it is possible to remove the person's profile (the face) as well from being shown as a follower?

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  • Blocking seems to be the only option to remove a follower or to restrict someone from viewing your posts.
    Below are the steps to block a person on Google+

    First login to your google+ account.

    Pull up individual's profile whom you want to block.

    Choose the bolt beneath his name.

    Click on Mute near the person's name.

    Click on Report/Block and then select the name of the person.

    Check the crate for Block success. Then add the reason for block and your work is done.

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