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    What is automation in IT industry?

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    Nowadays, we are hearing more about layoffs in software industry because of automation in IT industry. What exactly does that mean? In Mechanical specific industries, robots are used to replace manual workers and we used to call it as automated systems. Will robots write coding in IT industries? What is automation in software industry?
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  • Automation does not mean that robots will be doing everything and people will be removed from jobs.

    Automation is used in industry for repetitive and fixed nature of jobs where human interference or intelligence is not required. For example in automatic packing machines. Now if the software running the machine requires some modification due to change in design of packing then computer programmer or system manager is required to make that change and necessary mechanical or electrical changes are also to be incorporated by the design engineers. So human input is required at many times even for automated systems.

    Automatic mechanical devices require very stringent supervision in absence of which even a small error will render the whole lot of manufactured goods as unacceptable quality.

    In IT industry lot of software applications and modules are developed and people are using them for their business. Software experts and engineers are required for application of these readymade software for a particular business. Networking and communication area is developing very fast and IT is being used there in a big way.

    There is no problem of jobs for software engineers in the present scenario.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Automation in IT refers to automating repetitive tasks. So in case of development, they make use of macros to run same scripts for process. In case of testing, they automate and simulate human interactions. And like this small tasks can be automated and human users are reduced from the process. That sort of automation is in focus of the IT industry.

    Automation in IT is possible only in scenarios which can be repetitive. For example, displaying ads, taking commands on console. You can see that in such tasks you don't want to make people use your time. And this can be reduced with automation. Automation is not meant to replace humans. It is meant to replace tasks which people hate doing manually over and over. That's one reason such tasks won't be giving jobs to human in future. But to design such scripts, bots humans are needed as the problems are human focused.

  • I want to share one example for automation.

    One company all sales was website base but they need to maintain entry in other ERP also like Baan ERP so lot people involve to do that task they collect all printed hard copy and do manual entry in ERP .

    One one day company decided to do it automatic they develop integration software between website and ERP software that software maintain all entries automatic and all manual intervention removed.

    So process is fast that and people adjusted for other job and department.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

  • Automation approach in IT industry is completely different from those of mechanical industries. In IT industry it is not the robot writing the code but it is some software tool which is a web based tool or installable tool which gets installed in a PC to do the repetitive tasks . Main motive behind employing automation in IT industry is to replace the repetitive, time consuming and mundane tasks which do not add any value to the employee and the company. If a company uses automation then it can use it's employees for more meaningful work which can cause some value addition to the company. Of course the introduction of automation will result in decrease of manpower requirement as repetitive
    tasks are now performed by software tools rather than humans. But this problem is inevitable as IT companies are nowadays constrained on budgets and cannot afford to employ huge manpower to take care of low quality and repetitive work. Hence automation has become a key skill in IT industry nowadays and everyone needs to learn it to secure their careers.

    Now I will throw little light on what automation does in IT industry.
    Automation here is seldom applied to writing code. Writing code requires lot of analytic, logical and programming skills in some coding language like java, C etc. So a software tool can never do such a intelligent work. Area where automation is mainly applied in IT is testing. Automation testing is a key focus area recently for many software companies. Companies use automation for reporting purposes where it may involve for example populating 1000 rows in an excel sheet. Or it is used to do tasks like repeatedly pressing refresh button in any website and similar such tasks. One more area of it's application is when a software or website is to be tested for many sets of input data. For example a company may want to check login functionality of their application or website with 500 different sets of user id and passwords. In such a scenario automation testing would be an ideal approach rather than asking a human tester to enter 500 sets of user id and passwords. One more prime reason for software companies to employ automation testing is to speed up their work as well as delivery and save time. This way they can certify new products early in the market.

    So automation has become a buzzword in IT industry and for people working in IT industry there is no choice other than learning it.

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