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    Scope of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    Want to know what is BIM? Searching for its scope? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am a Civil Engineering student who has just completed BTech degree from Kerala. By the end of my course I started to have interest in drawings, modeling, visualizing and wished to do such architectural stuff. Then I came to know about BIM which includes softwares like Revit, Automax 3D and plenty more. I found these softwares much interesting as it involves modeling and evaluation.

    So I just want to know that how much useful are these softwares in present construction field in and out of the country? Is it beneficial by doing a short term course on them in CADD Center, United NDT training and Inspection Center or any such places? If yes, then what all are it's scopes and how can I make this certificate useful ?
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  • As I have completed my course of Master Diploma in Architectural design and because no one seems to be well aware about this topic, I will initiate this.

    First of all, Building Information Modeling (BIM) includes lot of design and modeling softwares for civil engineers and architects. The key softwares includes Revit (architecture, MEP and structural) and 3ds max in which both these softwares deals with designing exterior as well as interior models along with lightning setups and rendering. The major difference between these two important softwares is that Revit Architecture is really fast to complete a designed project than 3ds max while 3ds max has the best rendering quality than any softwares with better lighting setups.

    Now coming to the scope of learning BIM softwares. Autodesk is the US company that owns these BIM softwares and in almost all the intense and responsible projects carried out by reputed companies these softwares are being used. Thus design field has a wide range of scope all over the globe and offers decent paybacks for you hardwork. But the person who persue this field must have a wider perspective towards the Architectural features and 3d space. Every work that one produces should be unique and creative.

    It is highly useful if you could complete such short term courses in respective places as these can add an extra spark to your resume. I have witnessed a lot of civil pass outs when went after a job later resigned and joined such institutes as they have witnessed the merits of having an extra deploma in ones hand. You must also check the certificates they are issuing whether it is valid and approved one. Rest all are in your hands frnd. If you are really interested in such stuffs then don't hesitate for a second, hop on and unlish the true designer in you.

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