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    Intrested in making a career in cricket.

    aspiring to become a cricketer? Looking out for how to proceed? Check out this page and get all your queries resolved.

    I am 19 yrs. of age. Can I join cricket academy. I have not played any state or district level matches. So there is any chance for me to play in Indian cricket team or domestic cricket?
    I don't want to waste my potential or ability.
    Can you provide guidance?
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  • Since you are 19 years only, you have scope to learn and excel in cricket. There are many Cricket academies in India in which a very good training is imparted. You can search the web for these academies and select a suitable one and get joined. It is better you take the action at the earliest. Basing on your financial position, place of your stay you can select a suitable academy.

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  • I do not know to which city or the state you belong. There are state sports authority in every state through which aspiring cricket heroes are produced and created. For example in Hyderabad there is sports authority of Telangana situated at LB Stadium and the aspiring players who may either represent their college, school or even companies can register their name with them and participate in tournaments as organized regularly. That way exposure to the game is slowly created and when promising and good players are spotted, they are being sent to Ranji trophy matches and other type of matches. Thus a slow and steady progress in cricket can be assured. One thing is sure without the help of state or district sports authority, no one can become popular and thus constant touch with them would bring better taking part results.

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    I'm 18yrs old
    Can I join Cricket club
    I'm an all-rounder left handed batsman and fast bowler... Give me guidence to create my career in Cricket.. My dream is Play for India.. I'm from lower class family.. How can I join
    Please help me....give me some guidence..

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    I'm from Yavatmal District in Maharashtra State

  • Yes, Of course you can join the cricket academy and make your carrier in cricket. it is no matter whether you have played state level or district level matches or not.

    One more thing and that is your interest if your interest is in cricket, You will be definitely become a cricketer. No one can stop you.

    Just focus on your goel i.e. cricket and do hard work. one day you will be definitely find yourself in Indian Cricket team.

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