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    Can I link my approved google adsense of ISC to my youtube channel?

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    I have an approved google adsense account through ISC. I have started a youtube channel for the students to teach maths and science subjects. Visitors are low.
    But can I link my this approved google adsense account to my youtube channel? If yes what is the procedure?
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  • So your goal is to monetize your account right?
    might help you. Login to your channel, go to settings and check your monetization status.
    In top right corner click on the account icon. Then go to creator studio , channel status and features and monetization.
    Rest of the process will be guided by the above link.

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  • Yes, you can monetize your existing AdSense account to YouTube account provided that the email ID matches the same and video content (new rules of 10k+ views at least) must be there to review your application or create and use different email account.. They might review and approve existing AdSense immediately and for new, it may take a time.

    The rest of the steps are already given by the above member for associating existing AdSense of this site to YouTube. So, once it is approved and monetized, you may then add YouTube videos as much as you can provided that 'no copyright' issue content to be there. If YouTube found at least one copyright video content from you then they would 'strike' it and they might give you max three chances or else they would disable your AdSense account.

  • Yes,you can do that to gain the more traffic to your posts or your contents.

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  • One cannot enable monetization on YouTube instantly after you create a channel. YouTube has changed its policy recently. This means, you can only be able to monetize once you reach 10K views. You can only create a custom URL channel once you hit 1000 Subscribers.

    Even if one have an approved Adsense account, one cannot enable monetization. Once you hit 10K views, YouTube itself will invite you for Partnership program. You can apply for new Adsense account or sing in and enable monitiezation once you're eligible.

    Create a channel, upload a banner and upload videos and share them on Google Plus and twitter. Because most of the views and subscribers comes from outside YouTube.

    Also, if your video is longer than 15 minutes, YouTube will surely review your channel before you hit 10 k views. From my personal experience my channel got approved after 6k views.

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