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    Doubt about health tests

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    My husband is 30 years and is suffering from high blood pressure heart pain for a couple of times. I want to go for total body checkup for him. Can you suggest what are important tests to go for? One year before he also suffered from kidney pain and the doctor said that there was some dust on kidney which was followed by a high blood pressure attack.
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  • Ms. Anusha, thank you for your confidence on the experts of this channel. You may have to get the total standard general check up that is being offered by many standard diagnostic centres. The total body check up they will carry out. The required tests also they do.

    But my sincere advise to you is refer your husband to a General Physician first. He will definitely advise you regarding what are the tests to be carried out to identify the problem.

    always confident

  • Now a days many good and big hospitals offer a complete health check up package which does all the basic tests for diagnostic purposes. If they suspect some thing serious then they will go for advanced tests.

    Many times simple medicines and advice from your family physician or local doctor is sufficient but in case of persistent pain or other serious symptoms it is better to go for master health check up package.

    Please also remember to take documents of earlier medical history like previous treatments and operations if any with you when going to consult the doctor as those records help the doctor in making a correct diagnosis.

    Knowledge is power.

  • If he is already under regular treatment for his health issues under care of some hospital or some qualified and experienced doctors, then they will be the right persons who can advise what all tests he has to take.
    The normal health check ups we hear are for those who are at an age prone to getting some health issues but not yet diagnosed for one now. The health check ups are for early diagnosis and prevention or cure at the early stage itself.
    Before getting the health problem as such, some people will be on the borderline or on the risk threshold. Early and periodic check ups can help them by finding the problems or the probability of getting it soon, and can take remedial measures.

    The doctors treating him know his health profile and may know what all things he is prone to. They may be even giving medicines to prevent ,cure or manage such possible problems.

    Hence instead of taking your own decisions in this matter, consult an experienced doctor or visit a reputed and established hospital in your area.

  • If you have any doubt regarding the health issue of your husband, it would be better to approach your physician with whom you are closely associated with for the redressal of health issues. He may advise you to carry out certain tests as follows-
    1) Urine test including the presence of Albumin, colour and its specific gravity.
    2) Kidney - function test.
    3) Liver function test
    4) Thyroid profile.
    5) ECG test
    6) Echo - test.
    7) Tread mill - test.
    8) Total Blood - count.
    However, he may add other tests for the confirmation of his high Blood pressure.
    Without fail, you may approach your family physician for the early detection of the malady.

  • Considering his age of 30 years with complaint of chest pain and also history of hypertension and kidney stones (dust), he should be visiting a general physician (internal medicine) who will assess his condition as a whole and then decide upon the diagnostic tests he has to undergo. It would have been really good if his current BP, weight, height, lifestyle and family history were also given.

    Hypertension is classified into two types essential and secondary hypertension. In case of essential hypertension, the cause is unknown and it is generally linked to obesity, sedentary lifestyle, stress, alcohol intake and salt intake. Secondary hypertension may be because of kidney disease or hormonal imbalance. Chest pain is not essentially because of heart complaint, it may be originating due to gastrointestinal, pulmonary, neuromusculoskeletal or psychogenic reasons.

    However, it is advisable that he undergoes a battery of diagnostic tests recommended above along with lipid profile, ultrasound of whole abdomen and X-ray of chest. Majority of the hospitals provide this as a package famously called Whole Body Checkup. Please also note that you can claim income tax benefits for the preventive health check-ups under Section 80D upto Rs. 5000.

  • Hi Ms. Anusha,
    First of all I will advise you to contact a good general physician of your locality and do as directed by him/her. You do not have specified that if you have a family doctor or not. If you have family doctor consult with him. As he is your family physician he will be more suitable person to guide you.
    Now a day you can find different package of tests offered by hospitals and pathology centers in your city. It will be good to go there. The package generally consists of some common tests like ECG, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Lipid profile test, total blood count etc. which actually covers testing over your whole body. And they are not very costly, and come under Rs.4000-5000.
    As you have stated that your husband is only 30, so do not waste your time. Now a day due to stress, work pressure and un healthy lifestyle causes different health problems among the young people also. So, take necessary measures for your husband.

  • As per your query I think immediately you should contact your general physician about the tests that you have to under go. As per my knowledge you should do certain checks.
    1) ECG
    2)Thread Mill test
    3)Blood and urine test.
    4)Angiogram - this test is costly but it gives you a clear picture if there is any block in heart.

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