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    How much money is needed to start a drinking water plant with the product of 30,000litres/day

    Interested in starting a drinking water plant? Searching for guidance online? Here, on this page you can read suggestions from experts.

    I have finished my graduation and working in one of the Water Treatment Industries.
    I like to do make drinking water from sea water.
    Due to financial issue , I would like to start with very less revenue like manufacturing 50m3/day from sea water. That also only 20 litre jar and 1 litre bottle.

    My question is: how much will it cost for this to startup?
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  • We have set up a water treatment plant by reverse osmosis method in our industry. The capacity is almost same as that of Your requirement. But you want to use sea water. So you may have to cycle it two or three times or 3 plants in series. I know RO technology only. Yield will be less. You may require about 20 lakh rupees for your equipment. Land and civil works cost depends on the place where you are going to start that. But my sincere advise is please workout the financials carefully before going for it.

    always confident

  • Dear DR .N.V. Srinivasa Rao ,

    I am happy to see your kind reply .it is most valuable reply for me. And i have some more questions to clarify with you. Is there is any company producing drinking water from sea water by packaging ?. Do they have doing great in market? . Is it will be profit ?

  • Mr.Singh, I heard some companies are doing. Earlier we tried. But the yield was very low and not at all viable and hence dropped the idea. I don't have any clue about the companies.

    always confident

  • From the fact that sea water purification and recycling for drinking purpose is not at all popular in this country , we can understand that it is not a profitable o economically feasible business as of now.
    You may get an idea when I say that the sea water has a salt content of 35000 ppm and above(or simply 35 grams per litre of water). Compare this with the municipal water supply which has around 50 ppm. Please understand how much purification is needed to remove the salt content. The water for industrial use may need still more specific refinement.
    There are practical and statutory issues for transporting sea water to the plant itself. There is also issue of corrosion of the plant and pipes carrying sea water. Then there is the issue of disposing of the residual water which will have more salinity that the intake.

    However you can go with desalination and purification plant using underground water in area where there is salinity in the underground (bore well) water. That will be of use to places that are islands and also away fro fresh water rivers.

    As you are already working in the water treatment industry you have opportunity to get more details in this regard.

  • Dear Mr. Venkiteswaran,

    Thank you Sir! for your valuable reply. I Understand that it is very risky .
    What if we can take water by bore well near 300-500m from sea coast? Wheather the salt water TDS will be equal to same as sea water or less? If we can proceed in that way or not?

  • Jenil, there are many statutory regulations like coastal zone regulations , industry regulations etc. First you have to decide what and where you want to start the unit. You have to know the permissions needed the restrictions prevailing etc. Before taking a step, you may discuss with those who are already in the line and know the main practical aspects. Once that is understood, you may have to go for a project report . That you have to submit to the concerned authorities.
    You may also consult the industrial department in your ( the intended area) and get to know the plan and priorities for them. You can suggest your idea. Then they can get you some useful knowledge and even guide and lead you.
    You need t do your own home work and preparation before thinking of cost. Fund can be a relatively lesser issue if the project is feasible and gets all sanctions.

    What I suggest is select an area where there is no suitable water supply scheme, and people depend on bore well and bottled water. Think why no one is starting a unit there. See if it is feasible for you an ensure there will be continuous bore well water supply to your unit. Take care of many other external factors too. Star as a small unit and then proceed to expand.

  • Thank you so much sir, I will do what you have said. Once again Thank you sir!

  • As the process of producing drinking water from sea water is a costly endeavor it has not commercially picked up in our country. If one is desirous to start such an industry then it has to be near sea coast and as has been already told by the answering members that it will require permission from authorities.

    Sea water is very saline about 30-35 gram of salt /liter. If you go far from the coast there is a boundary after which the salinity reduces and comes to the normal groundwater salinity of that area. The salinity of groundwater can easily be obtained from the water / municipal departments of the area and from that it can be worked out whether it will be commercially feasible to start a plant there to convert the ground water to drinkable form. Taking land on lease from Govt or private land from a owner will require some statutory paper work as per the state Govt procedure there.

    Another thing is just purchase the water from river or pond sources from the local water vendors and purify it in a small plant which will be possible in a limited budget. Any way that aspect will be clear when you get a project report prepared by an engineer or CA for your envisaged plant.

    Knowledge is power.

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