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    How to move a vehicle stopped on a slope without causing damage to the vehicle in the rear?

    Have a query about driving a vehicle on a slope? Looking out for tips online? Check out this page for response to your queries.

    This is to know the technique and tactics practiced to move a vehicle which has stopped on a slope.
    Presume you are driving a four wheeler. While you are driving, you happen to cross a fly over which has a 45 degree slope. While driving upwards, there was a sudden road block due to traffic congestion, and you happened to stop your vehicle. When the way is clear, you need to move forward. In this situation, how do you ensure to move ahead safely without the vehicle moving to the rear and damaging the vehicle behind your vehicle.

    Hope the answer will help many four wheeler drivers to overcome the situation.
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  • This depends on the skill and experience of the driver. Driver will keep one leg on the gear pad and another one is on the accelerator. When the vehicle stopped on a slope for restarting, you have to be very careful in releasing the clutch. You have to hold it half and very slowly you have to move the accelerator. generally we will not hold the clutch for long. But in this case you have to very slowly release the clutch.

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  • The driver has to apply his own skill. Here there are two operations to be taken judiciously- releasing the clutch slowly and acceleration has to be applied on the accelerator paddle gradually. Releasing the clutch and putting load on the accelerator simulteneously is an effective art with which an expert driver is familiar with such critical operation.
    Normally we don't put our leg on the clutch plate for long for unnecessary development of heat on the engine but in this case, we have to slowly realease the clutch in order to make the car for forward - moving with the application of proper acceleration.

  • I will tell the best way of control.
    Just put the hand brake on stopping and when you have to move follow these
    1. Put the vehicle in 1st gear.
    2. Release the clutch a little till the time when car is on verge to move up.
    3. Remove the handbrake slowly.
    4. The car moves without any destruction.
    NOTE : step 3 and 4 must be applied simultaneously.

  • This is one of the important skill one had to learn and practise while learning the four wheeler driving itself. There will be many situations just like you said one case in the traffic on flyover. It applies the same when you are travelling in ghat roads or any roads with slope. There are actually 2 ways on how you can manage in that situations.

    The easiest way is to apply your handbrake while you stop. Then apply Half Clutch and keep your leg ready on accelerator, be in 1st gear and apply accelerator in such a manner that car will be in position to move forward. When the Traffic infront of you starts moving, just release the hand brake gently and raise the accelerator slowly so that you will move forward with out going backward. Prefer to have sufficient distance from the vehicle infront of your car.

    The alternate way is to handle it with out using hand brakes and slope is less. But only if you are expert in driving, you can handle this way. You can keep your car in stopping position by applying proportionate clutch and accelerator so that car wont go backwards. And when the traffic clears, you have to just raise the accelerator. But try not to prefer it as there are more chances you cannot control the car properly and hit the vehicle in the rear.

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