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    How can we make bigger crystals of sugar?

    Have a doubt about making sugar crystals? Searching for how to do so? Find advice form experts on this page.

    This is relating to the Chemistry homework of my daughter. I would like to know whether it is possible to prepare/make bigger (very big) crystals of sugar? Is it possible by first heating and then by rapid cooling of sugar water? If not, kindly indicate the procedure.

    The requirement of bigger sugar crystal is that it should be of the combined size of 10-12 normal crystals of sugar.
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  • Take water in a vessel. Go on adding sugar to it till a saturated solution is formed. Then boil the sugar solution till the sugar dissolves. See that a little undissolved sugar will be there. Cool the entire mass without covering nor keeping in the refrigerator. Allow natural cooling. Sugar will get crystallized and crystals will be bigger.

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  • I think it's possible to do that. Let' say you have some stencil for cooking. You can melt the sugar and use the stencil. And the liquid form of the sugar would fit it. And then when cooled, it can take the shape of that stencil. So that's definitely possible. Crystallization may however take some time and it would not be easy for anyone to melt it that easily. And yes you can also rapidly cool the melted sugar but it'd change it's color if melted in that case. So you may have an option of either using sugared water or melted sugar to make such crystals.

  • Below is the procedure to make sugar crystals.
    Break down the sugar in bubbling water. You can warm the sugar arrangement on the stove or in the microwave on the off chance that you experience difficulty getting the sugar to break up.

    Allow the solution for cooling a bit before emptying it into your container. You would prefer not to get scorched!

    Empty the sugar arrangement into a jug. Put a wooden stick into the jug or else hang a string into the center of the container, attached to a pencil or margarine cut.

    Put the compartment some place it won't be aggravated. You may wish to cover the container with a paper towel or espresso channel to permit vanishing while at the same time keeping the arrangement clean.

    It might take a couple days to get crystal development. On the off chance that you see crystals shaping on the highest point of the jug, you can expel them and even eat them. These crystal stones will contend with your stick or string for sugar and will decrease the measure of your crystals.

    Expel the crystal stones and appreciate them! On the off chance that you need to store the precious stones keep them in a water/air proof holder so stickiness noticeable all around won't make the crystal sticky.
    Hope this procedure helps.

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