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    Cooking in shortest possible method & minimum time

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    For the last many months I remain so busy that I don't get much time for cooking. In my childhood days I had seen my mother to use icmic cooker. As we were little kids, mother did not get much time for cooking. Then our icmic cooker was very helpful to her. She would just put oil, vegetables, pulses etc in separate chambers and the curry, pulses etc. would have been cooked automatically.

    But those days are gone. Now we can't see icmic cooker anywhere. So nowadays what is the solution or shortest possible method by which I can cook only within half an hour? At present I have been suffering very much due to lack of time for cooking.
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  • Modern technology has replaced or even bettered the early conveniences. This is true in cooking also. Do not worry if you do not have the traditional icmic cooker. Modern pressure cookers and even electric cookers and steamers have such conveniences.
    The actual cooking part does not require much time. It is preparatory needs that consume time.
    Buy a pressure cooker of suitable capacity after physically verifying and ensuring the space capacity. Some come with the containers. If not buy separate containers that can placed properly inside the pressure cooker. You can pressure cook various items of almost similar cooking consistency i one go.
    Similarly you cn buy electric (rice) cookers of reputed and dependable brnd. They now advertise that you can cook any kind of food in them. Please view one of the many demonstration available in youtube.
    Steamers also come with separator so that you can cook various items in one stretch, You may try them also.
    Sometime earlier had mentioned about the Chakson Thermal rice cooker, which is suitable to save time on cooking the thick brown rice used in Kerala etc.
    If you have neighbours or friends who are in similar situation like you o time constraints, you may ask them how they solve their problem. They may have some of the above said appliances. Once you know the basic usage, you can customise them to your needs by trial and experience.

  • There are plenty of cooking options for you if you choose to do light cooking. Thai and Italian recipes are in lot of numbers out there. You may have to adjust with the taste initially. But a lot of type of recipes can be done pretty quickly. You can even use the vegetables and fruits to make some quick dishes. There are plenty of YouTube channels with diet specific recipes.

    Here are some channels to look for the simple quick recipes.

    1. Food Wishes
    2. Peaceful Cuisine
    3. ChefSteps
    4. Tasty

    These channels can be good start to find out recipes, if you wish to cook simple recipes.

  • Instead of using various gadgets for cooking just consider cooking manually and that will not only give good learning pleasure but also gives ample happiness when the family members pass good comments after eating food. Please never prepare food with time factor in mind. For preparing food time must be given and it cannot be short method with minimum time. That means one has to compromise somewhere while cooking. Normally house holds must keep the vegetables diced and ready for cook. Switch on both the burners of gas stove and on the left side cook the rice directly and on the right side cook the vegetables. Since both were running simultaneously the house hold can have the control of the cooking and the cooking would be perfect with 15 minutes as rice and curry would be prepared to the tasty tongue of the family members.

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  • Only way to reduce time is use multiple gadgets and use of steamer wherever applicable. There are various options available which you can work out after some practice. It will require some planning mentally also as by the time you reach the kitchen you should be sure of the items you want to cook. I give you one example. Put rice in electric rice cooker which automatically goes off when rice is cooked. you need not to monitor it. While putting rice and water in it put a few peeled potatoes. When rice is ready potatoes will also be ready. In the mean time you saute some tomatoes and onion in a pan and mix the potatoes in it. Your quick meal is ready. There are many such ideas. Try these time saving tips and enjoy quick meals.

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  • Using an electric cooker for cooking rice is a better idea. It will take 5 minutes for you to wash and load rice in the cooker vessel and put it on. You need not do anything, your rice will be ready in about 30 minutes. What you can do is, in small vessel you can keep some doll and water and place that in the rice of the cooker before closing the cooker. By the time rice gets cooked your doll will also be ready. You have to add salt and mix.That's all ,your food is ready. If you have a electric oven you can roast papad in that. Anyhow curd will be there in your refrigerator. So your full meal is ready in half an hour.

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