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    Best Job for Pharm D graduates?

    Have a query about Pharm D careers? Looking out for career guidance? On this page find advice from experts.

    As a pharm D student I have kept thinking in my mind about what will be the best job for me after graduation? With my little research through Journals, International Conferences e.t.c I have noticed that the jobs which I can be offered especially in India are:
    * Clinical Research.
    * Pharmacovigilance.
    * Research & Development.
    * Medical Writing.
    * Product Managers.
    * Regulatory affairs.
    * Community Pharmacy.
    * Geriatric Pharmacy.
    * Governmental agencies.
    * Home Health Care.
    * Hospital Pharmacy.
    * Managed Care.
    * Pharmacoeconomics.
    Among all this which one will be suitable for my as a young person that will graduate at 24 years which will give a good salary to take care of my family and all close relatives. I want to know other scopes from USA, UK, Germany, France and some middle-east countries.
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  • You are doing D.Pharm now. Please concentrate on studies and see that you will get admission in graduation after completing this course. Generally what I advise is whatever subject you study, you should have interest on that Subject. Then only you can excel. We should be on the top of the class in the subject whatever we study.

    Coming to jobs, there are many chances you can get. R&D is having a edge always in pharmacy and drug industry. Making of new molecules and use them as medicines is a green subject always. Clinical Research and clinical chemistry are also having good fields where you have many chances of getting a job.

    always confident

  • Since you are persuing D.Pharm, you should make your best effort to understand the contents with the full grasp of the different subjects being taught in the present cirriculam and this will ultimately help you in scoring impressive marks in your final examination. On the basis of your impressive performance in the diploma, you would have a seat in B.Pharm in a reputed university.
    The B.Pharm course have been designed in such a way that you will be equipped with detailed knowledge of different plants and its application in the preparation of medicine and as such you can gather vast knowledge of Pharmocology by being attached to R& D wing. An exposure in R& D activity for a couple of years will enhance your job prospects. Clinical chemistry is a fascinating subject having better demand in the jobs.
    These days Pharma - companies are on the look out of the Pharmacy - graduates for the job of Medical - representatives because of their better familiarity with Pharmocology.

  • My humble Sir(s) the course is not D. Pharm (Diploma in Pharmacy) it is Pharm. D ( Doctor of Pharmacy). thanks for your advice... Thank you all

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    First of all, Pharm.D is not a piece of cake to do it's really tougher than any others field just like chew a stone of Pulses.But then after once, you have completed your Pharm.D you can easily get higher pay jobs with a guarantee.There are many jobs related to Phar.D fields like Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy Director and much more like is also best opportunity to get information about best assignment service.

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