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    Is joining integrated PUC college a good option after Class 10?

    Planning to join a course at an integrated PUC college rather than a regular reputed college after Class 10? Know which is the better option as per the expert responses below.

    I am expecting my 10th std ICSE results and I would like to excel in NEET & KVPY in the coming years. Advise me whether to join an integrated PUC college or to join a reputed college and then go for private tuition to get prepared for competitive exams?
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  • My spiritual Guru used to tell in his discourses that mere attending satsang or temple one cannot achieve in the spiritual line.It is similar to one student mere gone to school or college and rounds the ground and come back means he cannot expect he can pass the exam very well unless otherwise he should study lessons and attend teachings only he can success in his examinations, like wise, one who goes to satsang or temple he should practice his dhyan and prayer regularly. Similarly the college or school cannot do anything fully unless otherwise the student study his portions well with home practice besides his attention in the class rooms. Teacher can teach to some extend only but the student should practice in house also well on the topics taught in the classroom. For this we should select any college by keeping in mind that his practice should be well and strong.

  • Mr. Srivibha, whether it is integrated PUC or any other course, the outcome depends on your desire and interest. Mainly your hard work pays. It is better to understand the subject fully and study all aspects will give a positive result. Don't go by short cuts. Practice the subject completely and answer many old question papers. That will give positive results. So which ever you like you opt for it ans work hard. It will fetch you the desired results.

    always confident

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