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    Does hair dye cause cancer or not?

    Have a query about the after effect of hair dye? Wondering if it causes cancer? On this Ask Expert page you can find suggestions to your query from experts.

    Most people in the world color their hair with hair dyes. I have heard that use of hair dyes in the long term cause cancer. When I asked about it to one of my friend, who is dyeing his hair, he said it is a myth. I don't know which one to believe. Are there any harmful chemicals in hair dye? What are the long term effects of hair dye? Do hair dyes cause cancer?
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  • Dyes are harmful. Dyes are very poisonous for health of the person. As far as possible try not to use dyes. But applying it to hair may not cause cancer. But there are after effects. Hair growth will come down and slowly hair fall will also increase. Because of this hair on the head will reduce drastically.

    Now a days there are some natural colors are available in the market, like henna powder. Using henna products for coloring your hair is a better option than using a dye.

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  • Dye is chemical related and artificial one which doesn't suit much to human even for applying it as an external one. Since it is related to health or skin or hair even though dye may not cause harm or cancer, still it is suggested to use (as suggested by above member also) the Henna or natural related products for hair which would enrich the hair than destroying it.

  • What I understand that the colored hair dye come with ammonia presence which is harmful to the hairs and also the health.. Instead of using hair dye, go for natural henna. In henna there are different types of varieties. Natural henna, red henna or burgundy or black henna. Natural henna would convert the white hair into brown and keep the black hair in tact with the natural colour. Where as red henna will turn all the hair into brown and that kind of hair fashion preferred by some only. The best thing is to go for the black henna which gives total black hair on the head and that looks stunningly beautiful.

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  • This is myth. There might be skin reaction because of allergies, hair fall using hair dye but certainly not cancer. I did not heard happening that and there is no study showing it could be possible. Precaution is better than cure. Don't use hair dye and stay away from myths.

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  • As per my research on the internet there is no evidence of hair dyes causing cancer. We are used to get easily influenced by people who themselves create rumor and spread it like fire. If at all dyes would cause Cancer then they would have got banned till now.

    The best example I can give is of my grand father who is using hair dyes since 40 years. He is 91 now and does not have any health issue. Using a product depends on how the people take it.

    I give you a green signal with the use of hair dyes. The only problem they can create is damage to hair and not a life threatening disease like cancer. Do remember to test dye on a part of your skin to test for any reactions to skin. Once you get this tested you are ready to go further making use of hair dye.

    In case the dye goes into your eyes or any skin reaction occurs immediately rinse it with flowing cold water and contact doctor if required.
    There are also many natural alternatives of hair dye which have been mentioned in above answer.

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