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    Doubt about Cheque clearance if a different pen is used

    Worried about usage of a different ink on a bank cheque? Searching for help online? Check out this page or advice from experts.

    Cheque is an account payee cheque. The details of the cheque were written in blue ink by the account holder and payee used the black ink while writing his name in the cheque. Will it create a problem during clearance? What happens if the cheque is not cleared, will it be returned and if so how many days will it take?
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  • I don't think there will be any problem. Cheque is account payee only. There are no corrections and over writings. The name of the payee is written with a different pen. The cheque will be honoured.
    If it is not cleared the bank will send it back to you with a letter informing you about the reasons for not clearing the cheque. It may take 2 -3 weeks for the process.

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  • Account payee cheque means that the cheque amount can be collected and credited ONLY to the payee's bank account. So the payee has give it to the bank where he/ she has an account. That bank will send it to the drawee bank for clearance.

    If there are no other corrections or overwriting in the cheque and there are no other matter evoking doubts and the only visible difference is that the payee's name is written in a different ink, usually the paying bank will not refuse payment. It is allowed to give an incomplete cheque and the true rightful holder can complete it. However if the paying bank gets some doubt especially when the amount is unusually large, they may contact the drawer (the a/c holder whose cheque is given) and confirm with him that it is okay. In case they could not contact the drawer and they have some genuine doubts the they will return the cheque with reason 'requires drawer's confirmation'. Or if it is a local bank then they may even contact the collecting bank over phone confidentially and ensure about the payee account.

    If such cheques are regularly and routinely issued by the drawer in connection with his business transactions, the paying bank will pay it as usual.

    The basic reason is that if anything goes wrong due to bank's negligence, then the paying bank is responsible to the drawer of the cheque(their account holder). Sometimes if they return also it may cause damages to him. So it will depend on how the transactions are conducted usually regularly in the drawer account.

    (Note: in centres where the Cheque Truncation System is implemented, the physical cheque is not sent, but the truncated image is sent to the drawee bank as per the system procedures and mechanics)

  • Now a days people are using black or blue ink ball point pen for writing and signing too and that should not make any difference even on writing cheque. But care must be taken to put the initials if any corrections are made either at the date portion or at the name place. Moreover the account number of the cheque holder is noted and his signatures are tallied for every transaction either by the own branch or by the net work branch. Therefore there should not be any issue on change of ink used on the cheque book.

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  • If there are no cuttings and no overwritings, the change of ink is not going to matter.

    Many times people give the A/c payee cheques just by writing the amount and ask the receiver to write his name or his company name whatever the case may be. In such cases there is always a mismatch of ink or writing style but these are taken as correct by the bank.

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  • Does not matter what ink is used. All that matters in sign and correct details to payable to. If amount is big then bank also understand and verify details of sender and receiver. Some cases bank keep transaction pending for clarification. So don't worry it should be ok.

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    Account payee cheque will be credited to the account of the beneficiary and will not be encashed over the counter.And presently all banks are using CTS(Cheque Truncation System) to clear all the account payee cheques. CTS means the bank which receives the cheque from the customer of that bank will send only the scan copy of the cheque to the bank to which that cheque belongs.So, there is no problem if anyone writes cheque in different colour pens and cheque will clear.

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