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    Source of free certificate of computer training

    Interested in getting free computer training certificate? Looking out for help online? On this page you can find resolution to your query.

    I had applied in INDIA POST and they are asking for computer training certificate of minimum 60 days.
    I want free training certificate and want to give exam online. Can you suggest me source of getting free certificate with minimum time?.
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  • How will you get certificate without taking the training. If somebody gives also how you will perform in the test and interview without knowing the subject. Don't expect this kind of certificates from anybody. It is not good to produce fake certificates. Tomorrow somebody comes to know about this it will become a problem for you. I never suggest you these practices.

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  • There are some of the online courses from Udacity and Udemy. You can use those websites to find the course that can give you the certificate. Some of them will be paid courses and you have to get certificate after exam. Apart from that some sites like brainbench have the free certification on many topics. And you can get the web version of those certificate which you can print. Same is the case with the W3schools. They too offer certificate on various computing skills. So you have to choose what works in your case. Do understand that paper based certificate will cost some money which you can download or get shipped from the company.

  • The best way to get this certificate with minimum trouble is to take a course on platform like Udemy, Sololearn or stake overflow. They may give you the certificate once you complete all the online courses. Once done you can take the print of the certificate.
    Remember getting a fake certificate without any skill will only land you in trouble so better complete the courses. The best part is that these courses will get completed within a short duration of time and are quite interesting.
    If its urgent then you can go for paid mode of certificate in any institute and you this certificate would be more acceptable.

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