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    How to get duplicate certificate of Pre-University course-registration

    Interested in getting duplicate certificates from University? Searching for the process of getting this certificate? Check out this page for response to your queries.

    I have completed my eleventh std during 1963-64 at Govt. High School, Nambiyur in Erode Dist(Tamil Nadu State). Then I have joined in Pre-University course at Govt. Arts College, Coimbatore( Tamil Nadu State). Later I joined duty at Postal Department in Coimbatore Head Post Office, Coimbatore(Tamil Nadu State).

    The certificates submitted to the Postal Department at the time of joining duty were not returned to me. Now the department cannot find my certificates in their files.

    Kindly enlighten me, to get duplicate certificates for the same.
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  • You have to get a certificate from your department that you have submitted your original certificate to them and it was misplaced and lost in their office. You have to apply to your university by giving all the details regarding your education and the certificate given by your department is to be attached. You may have to pay some fees . This application has to go to university through the college you have studied. Then they will give you duplicate certificate.

    If your department is not willing to give the certificate you have to lodge a police complaint stating that you have lost the original in the department. Then they will inquire and give you a certificate that they investigated but couldn't find. Then with that certificate you have to apply as per the above procedure.

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