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    Why does central government put age limitation on job seekers ?

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    Why age limitation has been imposed on unemployed candidates of General category section to apply for jobs?
    I am sick of this law which prohibits access to employment in different posts after the age of 25 to unemployed candidates belonging to General category.
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  • A lot of limitations based on age are due to traditional system where the knowledge transfer and the appraisals were age based. For example in previous systems India had appraisals based on age instead of performance. In order to sustain this system almost every country adapted younger people joining the position and incrementally reaching the upper hierarchy. However as the job systems are now changed due to policies in countries like US and UK. Any person from any group above 18 can apply for the jobs. But India has yet to adopt this system. And for this reason, reservation and the age criteria is likely to be there. And considering the reservation system is not going anywhere instead being increased in the name of diversity and inclusion, don't expect this to be changing anywhere be it corporate or the government.

  • Age limit is always there not only for central government posts but also to state government posts. This is to control the competition for various government posts. Otherwise anybody up to retirement age can apply for these posts. So people who are already working in private sector will always try to shift to these jobs from their private jobs as these government jobs are more safe in nature and after retirement also with the pension they can lead a happy life. So to control this competition and see that fresh people will get more jobs these limits are imposed. In fact it is good for younger people as people from other jobs will not apply for these entry level posts.

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  • The question concludes as "I am sick of this law which prohibits access to employment in different posts after the age of 25 to unemployed candidates belonging to General category."

    So the issue in question is the non-relaxation of upper age limit to general category or the relaxation to the special categories.

    The prime reason is there is a constitutional provision for that. There are various clarifications and orders by courts in this country. So it is mandatory to follow them.
    The logic for certain differentiation is that it needs some concession or support or relaxation in conditions to certain sections for a level playing field.
    For anything there will be two sides. There will be those who get benefit out of that, and there may be some who get affected by that. Those who get benefit may stand for continuing the same and those who get negatively affected by that will oppose that.
    The only situation when nobody needs relaxation or special terms is when even otherwise all get opportunity. For that the single way is to make the country economically highly developed and politically stable and powerful country. I think we are in that efforts. It needs every one's hard work and co-operation.

  • The problem in India is ever increasing population coupled with ever increasing demand for the jobs and that too secured government jobs. Every citizen want to have a government job either in state department or central department. But on the other hand , the government cannot provide cent percent jobs to all and hence they distill the candidates through various means and age limit is one just tool available to them. Nevertheless those who aspire for government jobs must start searching for same at the age of 18 itself and within 7 years, some job or the other would definitely be achieved provided right qualification is there.

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  • Age limit is basically to give equal opportunities and level playing field to younger people. The aged and experienced have already taken that advantage when they were young.

    Anyway if there is no age restriction the experienced will be overshadowing the fresh candidates and from that perspective it does not appear fair.

    It is only the higher levels where experienced person are required otherwise at lower level the young blood is desirable. There are some technical jobs where youngs can perform better than aged.

    In some developed countries the concept of age limit is being removed but their social and financial conditions are entirely different from us.

    In the present scenario in our country the age limit system can not be dispensed with.

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  • 1. The clause of upper age limit in Government service is applicable in all Government service for all categories. Only the upper age limit is different for different category.
    2. As far as I know, the upper age imit for Government service for all categories is more than 25 almost everywhere (except in the armed forces). For general category, it is 30 in most cases.
    3. As Government service is pensionable service and an employee gets pension after rendering a fixed period of service, so an upper age limit for joining Govt. service is logical.
    4. For the job-seekers also, if they cross the upper age limit but don't get Govt. service, they should not waste their valuable time in search of Govt. jobs, and instead opt for other professions.

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