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    Health related query on how to gain weight

    Want to gain weight? Searching for tips and remedies to do so online? Find advice from experts on this page.

    My current age is 24 years and I am weighing 43 kgs.
    I want to gain my weight to 55 kgs. Can you provide guidance?
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  • How is your family heredity? If your parents are also less weight then you have that heredity. How is your height? What is your activity style now?
    All these also need to be considered for a healthy and systematic weight gain.

    Theoretically speaking additional 7700 calories can increase your weigh by one kg. Now you are 43 kg and you need to gain 12 more kg to reach at 55 Kg. That means you need to take extra (7700 x 12) calories or 92400 calories.
    But it is not practical or advisable to gain weight in extra fast time. Keep a reasonable goal of gaining that weight. Say, if you want it by six months, then each month you have to gain 2 kg or need additional 15400 calories. Divide it by 30 and yo may need about 515 calories every day without losing by extra workout. This is not very difficult.
    You need only about 175 calories additional for each food take like breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    (You can have your goal say 4 months or 8 months as suitable to you. But do not overdo.Let it be systematic and gradual.Watch for any wrong reaction,stomach problem, etc and take measures)

    Depending on what you take usually you may take some items extra, some fat and oil or fried items, ice cream, or any other item . They need not be same every day, You can have variety items as per your taste and ability to digest. Take them happily. You may also go for some popular and reputed protein supplements .

    Taking only extra food and no workout may create problems of fat accumulation. Hence you may have to dome proper physical activity also. Accordingly the food intake quantum or quality may have to be adjusted.

    You may consult your doctor in this regard as he/she may know about your health matters better and custom suggest for you.

  • First I will ask you why you want to increase your body weight? Actually increase in body weight can create any type of physical problems related with obesity. So, eat healthy and do proper physical exercise to gain weight in a methodical.
    Some people use to consume some food supplement for weight gain available in market which are an unhealthy practice. So take proper food especially carbohydrate and protein, exclude fat from your diet.

  • Gain in weight must be done in accordance with your body mass index. As you said that you want to increase your weight by 12 kg so by consuming proper diet and exercising at periodic interval you can achieve it. You just have to work daily and wait. You must not loose patience because in this period you may not be eating delicious foods and live your life as you used to live. Some sacrifices needs to be done.

    You must take protein based diet. As you are youngster so body building is necessary for you. The muscles need to be toned and obesity must be avoided. You can eat non veg if you are non vegetarian because meat possess lots of protein. Eat fruits and vegetables because they have lots of minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants which help to regulate your metabolism and enhances digestion. Drink lots of water because water is medicine to all the problems. You may not be knowing about your internal problems but consuming necessary amount of water can help to cure them. I must tell you that in military services when an army man suffers with a problem then the specialist always suggest him to drink lots of water.

    Along with this you need to exercise on a regular pattern. You can take help of fitness centres and gym where you can be trained by a professional. Just keep in mind that you don't take any protein shake if your trainer ask you.

    Gaining weight takes some time but you can actually gain your remaining 12 kg of weight. Just keep working.

  • Gaining weight is of two types, one is where you want to gain lean muscles and the other where you simply want to gain fat which is not good for your health. Apart from hereditary factor you can gain some muscles by little hardwork and dedication. My first suggestion to you would be that you start exercising. It is a notion that exercising makes one thin but the fact is that it brings body to stable level.

    So start running from today itself and also hit the gym(optional) to gain body weight. See to that you do not over workout and also take sufficient nutrients along with it. I recommend you to take whey protein along with a proper balanced diet.

    Consult a doctor if you do not find any results in 6 months. He may be able to tell where the problem lies after evaluating your body.
    For the time being you can wear shirt with collar and loose trousers in order to look normal.

  • 1. First of all you need to include fatty food in diet. Like food which slows down your digestion. Mostly such food will have lot of sugar. Anything that has cheese , ghee increase in diet. Alternately you have increase diet of non veg food. Intake of these should be increase gradually.
    2. Now while said that you have to make sure to exercise minimum. So that along with your stomach other parts of body fat and muscle will grow. Otherwise you will have big belly only.
    3. All these are going to cost you for food. That's reason circumstances makes body weak and strong. Check your financial situation and plan it out.

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  • For increasing the weight a good diet containing sufficient carbohydrates and fats are required. Ghee, oil, rice, banana, potato etc are some such items.
    You have to get advice of doctor regarding your digestive system and get it checked. You may have to take some digestive enzymes regularly.

    Knowledge is power.

  • For gaining weight take ashwagandha and shatavari supplements. This both supplements are really helpful for gaining a weight. It has no side effects. Ashwagandha is one of the rasaynic herbs which can help you increase weight. You can buy it from patanjali store. It also helps to re-energize the liver. Consume 2-5 gm of ashwagandha churn twice a day with one glass milk by adding 1/2 spoon ghee and 1 spoon of honey. Consume it for 1 to 2 months you definitely see increasing your weight. It also helps to tight our muscles. Sleep 7 to 8 hours because sleep helps your body to repair itself. Sleep also helps your body to repair its processes and re-balance them to the natural state.

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