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    How to change the IP address of a PC?

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    There is unique code or IP address which is assigned to a PC. What is the way to change the IP address of the PC? Can you provide the steps to do so?
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  • Yes there are following ways.
    1. Use Virtual IP softwares which allows your IP address to change to different country assigned IP address. I would recommend Tunnelbear.
    2. In Windows OS, Go to your network connections and open properties of LAN or WAN network you are using. You can setup your IP address manually from there. There are some restricted IP address so you may want to be careful as it causes network disruption.
    3. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP )is a client-server protocol that automatically provides an Internet Protocol (IP) host with its IP address. There are 2 types of IP associated Public which exposed to world and internal which basically for communicating PC with router. That is one you will see on your network settings. Public IP address are mostly common. So dynamically also IP address gets changed as per standard in 7 days. But as per research most residential customers have a dynamic IP address not changed for years because of re-negotiating policies of router with ISP.

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    If your ISP has assigned the dynamic IP then and only then it can be changed. If they have assigned static IP then you would fin d that in order to change the IP you may need to contact the customer care. This way you can easily change the IP of your machine.

    In case of dynamic IP here are the instructions.

    1. In this option you can simply reset your modem or router. And keep it off for more than 10 minutes. Then ISP will allocate different IP address.
    2. In second option you can reset the settings on the modem or router. In such case it will automatically assign a new IP for your device.
    3. Choose another device for home network. So that device assigns new IP for entire home network.
    4. Use proxy or the Tor. That should also changes the IP address of the PC.

    This applies to the modem or the router with the dynamic IP.

  • I must say that the best method of all is VPN.
    VPN is virtual private network which helps to provide an extra shield to your privacy. It provides an extra protection to your public or private network by using the technique of tunneling which helps to hide your identity. If you use VPN service then your device location can be constantly changed. While using your computer in India the IP address can be synced to other countries like UK, France etc.
    When your ip address changes then it is very difficult to track your exact position. There are numerous software which provides VPN services in which tunnelbear, hot-spot Shields are some common names. To use them you can open their websites which are generally named after these softwares and then you can read the instruction manual. All the procedures are mentioned and you can take help of YouTube to become more familiar.
    Nowadays browsers are providing their own VPN facilities. Just you have to switch them on.
    Thanks. I hope it might help you.

  • There are a number of methods to perform this. The most easiest of all is to use a VPN portal. Just open Window store and download psiphon which is the most easiest VPN tool. After installing this all you need is to press the connect button and you will get a virtual IP address. You can even choose the country from where you want your IP bridge to be connected.
    Setting a separate ethernet network and making changes in its properties will also work if you want a particular IP address to be always shown. As in VPN connections your IP tends to change every time you connect so this option would be of great use.
    You can also download Zero VPN to connect using anonymous IPs.

  • You cannot change your IP address because of the following reasons.

    1. The Internet Protocol (IP) address is the unique identification address of your computer.

    2. Consider for a moment, can you change the name of the domain (www. after registration. No you can't. The same applies and reflects here.

    3. Most websites and servers are hit-tech and you can outsmart the real time sync.

    4. This is illegal as per the Section 107 and ACT 1967, it is illegal to mock locations by Virtual Private Networks.

    Virtual Private Networks cannot outsmart since these thing have now become a thing of past.

    On the top of that, it is also wrong to discuss about hacking.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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