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    Dilemma after 12th boards result

    Confused about what to do after 12th Boards? Searching for information online? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can go through the guidance provided by experts.

    I am not able to take admission in any good college as my marks are low. I am confused what to do. What should I do?
    My age is sixteen by now. If I want to take a drop will that be okay?
    Also I do not intend to go to any private university.
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  • Why you got less marks. Please analyse yourself and try to find out the remedy for your reasons for low score. This is the first task you should do. If you are confident that you can get better marks the try again. But that may not be the best option. Try to get admitted in a private college affiliated to a good university. Work hard and get good results in your degree. then you can go for PG course and you will have a good future.

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  • It needs your determination and decision only. But please keep your parents and other well wishers also in the discussion and consultation. They may be able to help and guide you by giving confidence support and financial support also.

    I shall give some general suggestions which can lead you to take some decision.
    1. Is the time for improvement over? If not do you have the will power and confidence to write for improvement exam and get higher grade and marks?
    2. Unless you take up improvement exam, there is not much benefit in dropping one year. That may be counterproductive.
    3. Get information how and where your friends and school mates or relatives who have similar les marks got admission. Try some similar alternative.
    4. Apply to nearby colleges for chance vacancy of seats and wait. If there is vacancy i management seat or some quota seats try for that. In private colleges you may ed to pay some amounts also. Consult parents and well wishers .
    5.Try for admission some less reputed colleges and newly opened colleges. The chance will b more there.
    6.As you have less marks you may have t make some compromise on selection of course,college, subject, location and even on fees and donation or deposit.
    7. Try in neighbouring state institutions.
    8. Try for some diploma courses.
    9. If all alternatives are gone join distance education course and join a suitable coaching class.
    10. Do not become desperate. Miracles happen. Even after classes started there is chance that some vacancy occurs and you get admission. So keep trying ,Consult those who are regularly dealing this matters in the nearby colleges.
    Best Wishes.

  • The question has not provided many necessary details. In which stream did you study in X+II? The answer mainly depends on this. Furthermore, what is your own aim? Have you taken admission so far? If yes, then with which combination? What about your parents' opinion?

    At the outset, I must state that one single examination can't determine the calibre of a student. If you have determination and inclination, you can shine during and after your Graduation from any university. Furthermore, if you want to be employed quickly, then after Graduation, you can appear in various competitive examinations. As you are very young, I suggest you to make an attempt for NDA examination conducted by UPSC for joining commissioned rank. The eligibility is X+II. You can also attempt CDS examination conducted by UPSC after Graduation. But this course of life is preferable only if you are inclined to join armed forces.

    Personally I am dead against 'dropping' and wasting a valuable year.

    You can seek guidance from the Members of ISC giving further details.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • There is no harm if you concentrate on the previous course and prepare again with your full devotion for the better performance. You may approach your principal with an application so that you may be allowed once more to appear in 10+2 examination for the purpose of improvement. Though you may loose a year by engaging yourself for the reprparation but the end result will be fine if you put in hard labour and achieve clarities in the subject concened. You may take help of some prominent coaching institute for the better clarity of chapters of each subject.
    The other option would be to start afresh for your graduation and devote your full attention so that you are able to have impressive marks in the graduation - stage. You may take in a lesser known college but the same should be attached with a recognised university. Your sustained labour will bear fruit in course of preparation in the different competitive examinations such as Probationary Officers Examination of the Nationalised Banks, attemting for IAS examination or state - level BDO examination etc after the graduation.
    If at all, you fail to secure admission in a college for your low marking, you may choose the distance education courses such as IGNOU, Utkal university, Manipal Distance Education etc for the graduation - course.
    However, you need to think in a cool way before you implement the same.

  • TThis response is marked as DELETED by the admin.

    Here's some industry experience for you in short. No MNC or the small scale company cares for your college. As long as you have grades and the performance on paper, they can hire you. Make sure you do perform and have good grades. That alone is enough for you to get better company in campus or outside. I know many students who are studied in average or below average schools and colleges. And they are now getting the admission easily through their own talent.

    Continue with your education and get a degree. Also make sure you try for MNCs through off campus. Make sure you constantly focus on your resume. And build yourself. That seems to be the only way for you to have a better future. Because if your marks are less now then that means you have to work harder from there onwards. That's how things are going to be there as well.

  • First you are 16 year old and completed 12th board that is commendable . Usually average age for that is 18. Now if you wanted to take only in government college admission or IIT like institutes then you need good score in entrance. It would be better if you do some vocational courses like D.Ed. or anything other which gets completed in year or two. Reason you should do is , you need to primarily focus on undergraduate studies and get good score in next entrance exam. Please discuss with parents before planning this.

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  • You have completed 12th exam and by low marks if you try get the admission in good college it is not sufficient marks to get the admission.

    There is a lot of competition in college admissions if you try once again by getting good marks then it is good if you choose to take the admission in good college.

    Reguards -

  • Please mention by which subject group you have cleared 12 class? Also please mention which course you want to do after 12th standard? After the answers of these two questions I would be able to guide you in a better way.

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  • If you have got less marks in 12th standard then dropping a year to improve your results would be a good option. Getting into government universities is very tough with low board marks. You may simply be not eligible to write their entrance exam.
    Even to get admission into any private university you will have to get good marks or else your fees would be very high. Better to consider dropping as a option. But do keep in mind that in your second chance you should be very serious with your studies.

  • Before joining a course, understand / know the area of your interest. There are many openings / opportunities in India / world. It depends on choosing the right path based on your interests / likes.

    For more information refer: What to do after class 12 and also Study abroad opportunities after 12th class

    Thanks & Regards

  • As you have secured low marks in XII class it is apparent that getting admission for graduation will be a problem.
    If you are in science stream you can think of some diploma in technical trade or computer course.
    If you have done in arts or commerce still computer diplomas are an area where you can try your future.
    Please do not be let down by your low marks. A person starts getting success the day he starts hard work and dedication in his studies or work. So it is not too late and with determination you can succeed.
    Simply doing graduation and post graduation is not a solution for making a career. There are many people who have done small diplomas and joined small companies and after getting experience switched to better ones. Do not waste time by not joining college. Instead join some course of your interest and concentrate and try to excell in it.

    Knowledge is power.

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