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    What is the work profile of Mail Deliverer (MD) and Mail Carrier (MC) ?

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    What is the work profile of Mail Deliverer (MD) and Mail Carrier (MC) in postal department of the Government of India ?
    Recently, advertisement has come up for the post of MD and MC in India Posts.
    Can you give the details of work profile (duties and responsibilities) of Mail Deliverer(MD) and Mail Carrier (MC)?
    Are these posts suitable for girls aged 18 to 20 ?
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  • The post of MC and MD are Gramin Dak Sevak or employees in the postal service in rural areas.

    The job profile, though with a name for the posts is actually a more-in-one , rather than a single one.

    Mail deliverer under GDS has to deliver the mails to the recipients in the rural area under the delivery area jurisdiction of the rural post office. In case of need he has to do other needed jobs also dependin on the staff strength in the rural post office.As a deliverer he does jo almost akin to a postman in city post offices(Head post office or Sub post office). But in addition he may have to do more tasks as per situation and need. That is inherent requirement of that job.

    A Mail Carrier GDS has to carry mail from and to the delivery post office in the rural area.He also, like the MD to do multi jobs as per the category and staff deployment in the rural post office. It may be by way of assisting the rural branch postmaster for smooth functioning of the gramin dak office.

  • Mail deliverer and Mail carrier positions are open for both gender. However not many women apply for these positions. So often those are filled with available set of candidates. You can find that there are some bank specific positions now open for the women in Indian Post. And with new bank licensse you'd find positions such as sales agent, peon, clerk, office admin etc being available in fourth quarter of this year. Rural and urban branches are likely have some quota for women into this as well.

    As for the work profile, delivery person is allotted specific region and per day they are expected to deliver some mail into it. And for the mail carrier person, he or she can transfer the mail from one branch to another for collection and dispatch.

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