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    Does anybody know a good psychiatrist in Coimbatore

    Searching for a psychiatrist? Wondering if you know a renowned one in Coimbatore? Check out this page for suggestions from experts.

    I have recently shifted to Coimbatore and want to have an appointment with a psychiatrist. Want to know about a good psychiatrist in and around Coimbatore. If anybody knows can you provide me the details?
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  • I'd suggest you not to waste your time searching for local psychiatrists. You can undergo a therapy right at your home online. It's paid though, but with monthly subscription you can talk and get treatment with an international therapist online.
    There are different apps and websites offering psychological help:
    1. Betterhelp
    2. 7cups
    3. talkspace
    4. therapychat etc..;

    I've been benefited by Betterhelp , you can be too. Moreover, based on your questionnaire that you are given with in the beginning of the session, your therapist is matched with you. You see, different issues must be addressed by different psychologists else the help won't be relevant. But with online therapy, you get your treatment with no searching required.

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