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    Query about becoming an IAS officer

    Aspiring to become an IAS Officer? Confused between studying BSc or coaching for IIT JEE? Find advice from experts here and resolve your confusion.

    I got 97% in ISC 12th Board Exams. My main aim is to become an IAS Officer. I am confused whether I should pursue BSc. in Delhi University or I should do coaching for IIT-JEE? From where should I do coaching? Can you provide guidance?
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  • Happy to know about your interest for IAS. IAS is Indian Administrative Services and it is a government job. The eligibility criteria for this does not mentioned about any particular specialization for degree courses and candidates are free to pursue any as per their choice. The same is applicable for you too. You can choose B.Sc. or can prepare for IIT examination as per your choice.
    My advice for you is to go for some courses related to our society, politics and our country. This will make you understand more about what you will be doing in future. This knowledge will also help you in UPSC examinations in future. If your goal is clear and you are well determined for Administrative services you should not waste your time in preparing for other exams and better go further in the same direction of IAS.
    If you will pursue a degree in Sociology, Political Science or any other related stream, the preparations for UPSC examinations may appear easier for you.
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  • If you are interested in becoming an IAS officer, you better join in a degree course and concentrate on the subjects which you are going to select for your IAS. If you want join in a good college for engineering you have to concentrate on IIT JEE. But you may have to work very hard in clearing this exam. Instead of that go for any degree with Mathematics or any other subject you like. Concentrate more on the preparation for IAS. It will take care of your degree subjects as well as IAS course also. It will give you advantage in several other competitive examinations also.

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  • There is not much connection of your graduation type for clearing UPSC to become IAS. More good education you had it is better opportunity for getting what you dream. I would recommend to go for IIT-JEE. It is tougher than mainstream graduations. So challenge would be to complete your IIT degree along with prepare for UPSC. If you are ready for it then you should take it up. All the best.

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  • If you are aiming for IAS then you have to cover many areas like history, political science, sociology, economics for understanding the basics of all these subjects. So accordingly you go for a graduation course.

    Another important thing is one can be academically very good but for IAS exam one has to sharpen the logical analysis and logical approach in solving the problems.

    General knowledge is one crucial part in IAS exam and it encompasses a very big syllabus. Here more subjects you have read or gone through their basics more comfortable you will be.

    One thing to remember about this exam is - there is a very high competition due to large number of highly talented students and hard work and broad coverage is the key to success.

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  • As per my experience I would give you the best suggestion in this matter. If you are determined to become an IAS officer than please strike of IITJEE from your mind. Pursuing BSc from any college will be to a good option. Thing is that you need to know that the preparation strategy for becoming an IAS will determine your success.

    Taking IIT coaching will simply destroy your precious time which you could have utilised for preparing for UPSC exam. Instead of joining IIT coaching you can join institute that gives coaching for UPSC exam.
    To crack UPSC you need to have excellent knowledge of various abilities. The preparation for this one starts from day one itself. In the entire 3 years of your BSc you can utilise your time to prepare yourself for UPSC. Making proper use of this time can definately pave way for your selection in IAS.

    Never think about the competition as you are not gonna compete with anyone but qualify yourself with the cut offs. Hardwork, determination and smart approach is what you require.

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